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Pergola – creating an extra room in your garden

As the weather gets warmer and the evenings are brighter, you may be planning on spending more time in the garden – and wishing you had an inviting space to sit and relax in the open air. Maybe you need … Continue reading

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Move House or Extend?

You’re running out of space in your home. Another bedroom is needed, a larger kitchen would be great, a shower room would be extremely handy and more storage wouldn’t go astray either. Should you consider moving house or should you … Continue reading

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Let Textures Transform Your Home

Adding textures to your interior decoration can really transform your home. Bare surfaces, tiled floors, leather sofas, painted walls can combine to make a room appear cold and bare even though it may seem to have sufficient furniture. Texture will … Continue reading

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Shared Children’s Bedroom Ideas

Sharing bedrooms is great for children. It teaches them how to share, to be respectful of other people’s boundaries, to join in teamwork when tidying up and it can be good fun chatting after the lights have been turned off … Continue reading

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Freestanding Kitchens

The increasing popularity of kitchen islands and butcher blocks have led to a return to freestanding kitchens, perhaps not to the extent of the 1940s when the sink was the only fixed item in a kitchen, but between a desire … Continue reading

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Much Ado about Books: Home Library Inspiration

There was much consternation recently when people believed that Marie Kondo had suggested that people should only keep a maximum of thirty books in their homes. People rebelled against this notion by the ‘Declutter Queen’, jokingly asking if she meant … Continue reading

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7 Stylish Spiral Staircases

A spiral staircase can be a work of beauty. They are ideal if space is tight, or for reaching a mezzanine level, or as a second stairs for reaching the first floor in an extension. Although immensely stylish, a spiral … Continue reading

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How to Decorate Ceilings: the fifth wall in each room

Ceilings are usually very plain. Painted white or off-white, they are the plainest feature of most rooms. However, they can provide an understated wow factor. For rooms where you are lying down and actually looking up at the ceiling, be … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Trends for 2019

I love wallpaper and I’m delighted to see that not only is it still fashionable for 2019 but there is a return to having wallpaper on all four walls, rather than just a statement wall in a room. Yes, wallpaper … Continue reading

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Interior Design Trends 2019

Have you started thinking about the decorating needs of your home for 2019? Before you proceed too far, read our post on the latest design trends so you know what design elements are ‘past it’ and what ones are bang … Continue reading

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