Make your Bedroom Special with a Distinctive Bed Style

Are you heading away on holidays soon? Do you ever find yourself comparing the bedrooms, but more specifically the beds, when looking at accommodation and trying to decide where to stay? I found myself being swayed by old brass beds, canopy beds, four poster beds, any headboards that bestowed character. But why not have a special bed in our own bedrooms at home? Here are various styles of beds which will turn your bedroom into something really special.

1. Canopy Beds

Canopy beds (often called four poster beds) have a headboard and footboard joined by posts at each corner, beams that connect them and often a ‘ceiling’ too. In the past, they often had heavy curtains for privacy and warmth but nowadays, the curtains are often just decorative (can’t be drawn together) or are of sheer fabric.

Large canopy beds really need large bedrooms with high ceilings. Given their size and scale, they need space or will overwhelm the room.

2. Four Poster Bed

We often think of four poster beds as having the cross beams but they aren’t necessary. A four poster bed usually has a headboard, sometimes a footboard but not necessarily, but will have decorative posts rising from each corner. The posts may just rise above the mattress or may reach up almost to ceiling height. Although four poster beds can be quite plain and minimalist, most are quite decorative with detailed finials. Perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere.

Four poster bed

3. Sleigh Bed


Sleigh beds suggest magic. A flying carpet. An old-fashioned sleigh that just might have been pulled by a flying reindeer once. The headboard (and there’s usually a footboard too) are arched, evoking the curves of an old-fashioned sleigh.

4. Day Bed

Day beds are becoming very popular for guest bedrooms and for children’s rooms. They usually have a side rail, headboard and footboard so they double as a stylish sofa. Many are trundle beds too, with another mattress stored underneath which can be pulled forward to create a double bed. These are stylish, compact and comfortable beds.

5. Brass Bed

Brass beds, be they antique, reproduction or modern, create a simple yet stylish ambience. They almost always have a footboard. The detailing on the finials is simple and unfussy. The space between the bars and under the bed creates a sense of spaciousness even in small bedrooms. Whether dressed with plain white bedding or busy florals, brass beds are charming. Simple yet luxurious.

6. Half Tester Bed

Half Tester Bed

With a Half Tester bed, you can really recreate hotel luxury in your own bedroom. Quite simple to the canopy bed, there are two main differences. They have low feet (see how the base of the footboard is close to the ground) and the canopy only covers the head of the bed by a couple of feet.

Half Tester beds can be created by building a frame for the fabric and pinning it in place.

A modern Half Tester Bed

7. Hanging Bed

A floating bed that hangs from the ceiling making you feel that you are at sea, or in a hammock, or even floating on air, this just might be one of the most relaxing, unusual and impressive beds. Just ensure that the chains are secured firmly via rafters or RSJs. This is a job for a builder rather than an amateur.

8. Divan Bed

Divan Bed with Drawer Storage

If you require more storage, a divan bed will provide it. If you require storage for large and seldom-used items, then a divan with a lift up lid on the base is the answer. Otherwise, a divan with four drawers will provide ample space for storing items like extra blankets, shoes and seasonal clothing.

We hope these 8 very different bed styles provide you with some inspiration for planning a new or redecorated bedroom. As always, if you require the services of a tradesperson or professional, remember you can receive up to four quotes by providing us with the details of the work.

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