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Broken Plan Living: 3 Ways to Achieve It

Have you heard of ‘broken plan living’? It’s become quite popular in the last two years and is perfect if you want the convenience and space of open plan living yet wish to retain a feeling of traditional separate rooms … Continue reading

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Five Favourite Flamboyant Sofas

  If you would like a new sofa by Christmas, you need to go shopping very soon as the lead time can be between six to ten weeks. A new sofa can transform a room, the right sofa will last … Continue reading

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10 Things to Check When Buying a New Home

It is said that people make up their mind about a house within seconds of walking in the front door. When viewing new properties, you might fall in love with one, so much so that the dated avocado bathroom doesn’t … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Make a Ladder a Statement Piece in your Home

Geometric lines have been trendy for the last few years and the latest trends have shown the Instagram grid of nine even squares to be very popular, be it using a grid notice board, creating a square gallery wall of … Continue reading

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5 Trending Ways to Make Your Home Winter-Ready

After a long hot summer that stretched out gloriously for months, autumn is galloping towards us. The evenings are getting chilly, it’s dark by 9p.m. and the skies are grey. If you’re wondering how to make your home seem warmer … Continue reading

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8 Ideas for a Stylish Front Porch

The first two houses I owned didn’t have porches. They were Victorian red-brick terraced houses with small front gardens and the absence of a porch meant that occasionally, we had to stand in the pouring rain while struggling with a … Continue reading

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Home Renovation Incentive Scheme ending soon

Would you like to save money on home improvements? You can still save up to 13.5% of the cost of home improvements or repairs if you get the work completed by December 2018. The Home Renovation Incentive scheme has been … Continue reading

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9 Ways to Conserve Water

The current heatwave and drought is making us all rethink our use of water. The hosepipe ban has been in operation for a couple of weeks. Water is being restricted in some areas at night. Farmers and rural dwellers are … Continue reading

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Six Faux Fireplace Ideas

A fireplace, even if there isn’t a fire lit in it, can warm up a room. They also provide a focal point within a room. Having chairs gathered around a fireplace is much more appealing that having them arranged in … Continue reading

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8 Trendy Sports Wallpaper for Your Home

It’s a wonderful time for those interested in sport. For anyone interested in football, there’s World Cup fever. Wimbledon is starting to get exciting as we approach the end of the first week. My son, who is F1 crazy, tells … Continue reading

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