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Attic Conversions: What You Need To Know

With the increased rental costs, not to mention the difficulty of finding a nice place to live, many students and young adults are choosing to stay living at home with their parents even if it means a commute. At an … Continue reading

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How to Decorate with White

White is not defined as a colour because it is the sum of all possible colours. Yet, it’s a common “colour” used in interior decorating. If you’re considering decorating and furnishing rooms in white, and wondering if it might be … Continue reading

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Decorating with Black – Tips for 4 Rooms in your Home

Decorating with black? Does this sound too dark, too sombre, too claustrophobic? If that’s your initial reaction, then prepare to be surprised and delighted. Black can be a sophisticated, moody, dramatic and glorious colour to use in the home. Here … Continue reading

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What Your Book Shelves Say About You

Have you ever found yourself looking along bookshelves when you visit a person’s house? I often do it, mostly to see what books are there that I have read and perhaps chat then about a particular author or book. The … Continue reading

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Interior Design Trends for 2018

If you’re planning on some decorating soon, you’ll want to know the interior design trends for 2018 and you’ll also want reassurance regarding which ones are likely to be a flash in the pan and which will last for a … Continue reading

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Blending Period Details with Modern Conveniences in your Home

The vast majority of us would struggle to live without modern conveniences in our homes now – from central heating to flush toilets, from dishwashers to piped hot water, from smart refrigerators to Netflix. But what about when we are … Continue reading

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Room Divider Ideas for your Home

As more homes are open plan in design or have multi-purpose larger rooms, the use of a permanent or portable room divider can help you to make more use of the space, provide some storage, allow more privacy, create different … Continue reading

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9 Ideas for your Utility Room

Utility room, scullery, mud room, laundry room: whatever the name, it performs an important role in your home and I’d consider it to be an essential room in any house. Whether you’re at the stages of planning a new build … Continue reading

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Wonderful Window Seats

Have you considered getting windows seats in your home? They provide versatile extra seating as well as handy storage, they ooze comfort and cosiness, and they add character to a room. Bay windows offer the ideal space for a window … Continue reading

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7 Upholstered Headboard Ideas for your Bedroom

We often hear of the importance of a good mattress, and of course, it’s crucial in getting a good night’s sleep as well as supporting your body properly. But what is it that can really lift your spirits and make … Continue reading

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