Bathroom Renovation Cost Survey 2020

bathroom renovation costHi folks,
recently we carried out a quick survey of bathroom renovation costs from tradesmen listed on our site.   We asked them for rough prices for tiling a bathroom floor to ceiling and replacing the sanitary ware (labour only) with a minimum and maximum price.  We also asked if they could give a minimum and maximum price for tiles and sanitary ware if they had time.  The bathroom size we gave them was 2.40metres x 1.80metres.

Here is a sample of the replies we received below:-

Keith from Dublin: We dont ever supply sanitary ware or tiles , what we do is give the customer the option to choose what they like from the catalogues i provide. My initial quote is for labour, plumbing materials, re slabbing walls, getting them ready for tiling and covering the floor in tile backing board in prep for tiling plus skip. The cheapest standard size full bathroom renovation is 3k plus vat. Price does not inc sanitary ware or tiles.


Noel from Dublin: l don’t  go tiling so won’t know how to price for tiling.regards the plumbing costs, l usually charge 40 euro per hour  plus fittings when installing bathrooms, if the customer purchases the sanitary were. best for customer to get a company that do both together , so a plumber and tiler working together for the same company as it cuts down on time waiting for tradesmen to link up. plus less mistakes are made when both are on the job.


Adam from Dublin: The price for a bathroom with this area is around 2000 euros but the price includes my hydraulic connections silicon tanking floor mat. the best prices for bathroom equipment and tiles can be obtained at the bathroom factory Robinhood Road.


Shane from Clare: Estimate cost for the above job assuming shower tray is staying including all tradesman involved you would spend anywhere from 4500e to 6500e depending on spec of materials and what existing problems or limitations


Kiran from Wexford: Labour 2500 to 3500 tiles 600 to 2000 and sanitary ware 500 to 2000..


Patrick from Galway: An estimate cost on the labour to tile the bathroom would range between maybe 600 up to 900 euro again the plumbing of bathroom labour only would range from around 800 to 1000 hope this is of help.


Diarmaid from Dublin: Basically it’s very hard to price what your asking for with seeing what you want and need but a basic starting price for any bathroom is €5000 and that can increase dramatically depending on what you really want.


Anthony from Dublin: I don’t really get involved with the tiling, so i couldn’t give you a price for tiling. best contact a tiling company for this. Plumbing of a bathroom would be 1100-1500 normally.     Tips for customer:-  Don’t buy the cheapest stuff on offer. it will not last and you will be paying a plumber again to change.  Always get a reputable tiler as if tiling is bad, it will cost a lot to fix. Ventilation is very important for small bathrooms.


John from Cork: Quotes for bathrooms labour only can vary from 1000 euro up to 3000 euro.       Obviously it’s all decided on the volume of work which is involved in the job.  With regards to bathroom wear, a customer can purchase basic toilets, wash hand basins, baths etc. this wear can range from 100 euro for complete toilet. 100 euro for basic basin with tap and waste. The price limit for wear can go as far as 10,000 euro if that’s what the customer wants for their property.


Aidan from Kildare: I don’t know why but a lot of people are under the illusion a bathroom can be fully renovated for under 5k. On average for a bathroom of that size for full rip out and refit it will come in around 6-8k inc vat. Our minimum labour only price is 4500 ex vat for full refit with raw material (slab pipe fittings flooring etc). I specialise in bathroom renovation so this is an everyday occurrence for me, for example people don’t know that a good decent bathroom suite with shower valve, tray and door will cost very minimum €1250, we don’t make up the numbers, it costs what it costs. same with tiles, full bathroom walls and floor with trims and grout would easily spend anywhere from 500 onwards.


Michael from Cork: Removal of existing suite , tiles etc €350 + €120 for skip bag. First fix for new , most go for a shower and do away with bath so new plumbing is required for electric or pumped power shower. If pumped shower off existing hot/cold supply they must be piped separately as pump can cut in and out as WC fills also to much pressure at basin taps €700.

Prepare walls floor for new tiles and “tank” shower area (waterproof membrane behind new tiles) . Make sure floor is good enough to take tiles. Ply floor if necessary €800 inc materials.

Labour for 17metres wall and 5metre floor tiles @ €25 p/m adhesive and grout €450 to tile and €120 for materials Say €700

Second fix bathroom normally 2 days as shower enclosure takes time €600

Ballpark €3500 inc basic materials.

Tiles say €20 p/m .€450

Shower electric .. €250 (electrician cost if no existing €500) has to be certified by RECI!

If pumped shower price can vary a lot high end pump €600 low €250

Basic suite cost inc shower door €1500 high end €2-4k .

Low cost installation €5/6

High end €7/9 + vat @13.5


I hope this helps some of you who are planning to renovate your bathroom and if you decide to go ahead with it you can get a number of bathroom renovation quotes here and get up to 4 quotes fast from rated tradesmen!

Oliver Dempsey

General Tips for hiring a tradesman

Here are some tips to consider when hiring a tradesman:-

1. Ask for phone numbers of references so that you can check them out

2. Check insurance of the tradesman where insurance is required

3. Hire a suitably qualified architect, building surveyor or building engineer if the job is anything to do with a new build, building renovation or extension

4. Agree on some sort of stage payments for the job. Remember that full payment should not be made until the job is complete and has been inspected by you, and if necessary by a certifier.

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Construction Work Safety in the Home

Construction Safety in the home
Hi folks,
in a recent report from the HSA, it reported an increase in construction site fatalities from 2016 to 2017.  So I thought it might be a good opportunity to begin the year with an emphasis on construction safety in the home.   I have covered this topic before but I think it’s important to review it again for anyone who may not be aware of the responsibilities of homeowners in relation to construction safety in the home.  These responsibilities are covered under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013. I would also encourage tradesmen to read this article and to check out the checklist at the bottom of this article and in the HSA Guide. If you are a tradesman, try to ensure that you can answer ‘yes’ to the relevant questions in the checklist and that you carry a file with relevant certs and policies to support your claims.

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Pauline Chbat Testimonial for

Hi folks,
here is a video testimonial we received a while ago from Pauline Chbat. Pauline posted a job on and was very happy with the result. You can see the video feedback below:-

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Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020 from

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year, let’s continue to keep tradesmen working and customers happy in 2020!

Our office will be closed for the Christmas break until Friday 3rd of January but you can post jobs throughout the holidays on
our website at and they will be sent out every day except Sundays.

With Best Wishes,

From all the gang at!:)
1st January 2020

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Santa Announces the results of the 2019 Christmas Draw!!! Christmas DrawHi folks, here is the video of Santa as he announces the winners of the Christmas Draw to all the boys and girls!!

Each month we make a video of the draw for everyone who posts a job on and provides feedback. The winners receive cash prizes and a mention on our blog:)

The draw for everyone who provided feedback in November was held on December 25th. You can see a video of the draw below:-

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Happy Christmas from

Happy Christmas from everyone at

Thanks to everyone who has posted jobs on posting approximately 315,000
jobs helping to create and sustain employment in the Irish Economy. We hope that you have a happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year filled with promise and opportunity!

Our office will be closed for Christmas from Tuesday 24th of December and re-opening
on Friday 3rd of January but you can post jobs throughout the Christmas on
our website at and they will be sent out every day except Christmas Day and Sundays. Email and text messages will be checked throughout the Christmas Holidays.

With Best Wishes,

From all the gang at!:)

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Dressers to Impress

Dressers are multi-functional. They provide storage behind closed doors but also display attractive items on open shelves or behind glass doors. Even if contemporary in design, they offer a wholesome traditional atmosphere in a home.

If you are looking for a traditional or contemporary dresser for your house, here are some options to choose from:

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Smart Technology for your Home

It’s not that long since automatic dishwashers and washing machines, timers on cookers, microwaves and video recorders were life-changing for many. No more washing clothes in twin tubs and passing them through wringers. No more having to arrange your social life around a favourite television programme. But as we enter 2020, appliances have incredibly advanced technology, all designed to make our lives easier, more efficient and more relaxed. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a person who has everything or you’re updating your home and want to make your life easier, here’s a selection of smart appliances that may become indispensable.

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Results and Video of our November Draw 2019 monthly draw

Hi folks,

here are the results and video of our November Draw 2019. Each month we have a draw for everyone who hires a tradesman and provides feedback. So not only do you get up to 4 quotes from Rated Tradesmen but you also are in with a chance to win a cash prize as well!

The draw for everyone who hired a tradesman and provided feedback in the month of October was held on November 30th. The results are as follows:-

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