Laminate Flooring Price Survey 2020

Laminate Flooring Price Survey

Hi folks,

recently we carried out a quick laminate flooring price survey among some tradesmen who are registered on our website. We asked them to give a rough price for a 50m2 floating laminate wooden floor, labour only including removing and refitting the skirting boards and architraves. In addition to this, we asked if they could give us an idea on the range of material prices and if they had any tips for getting the best job done. We have attached a sample of the replies we received below:-

Colum from Tipperary: A general starting price per sqr meter would be €10 plus vat.

Job would have to be viewed to check would the skirting come off easily without damage or would beading be better. also undercutting doors ( are they solid or flush). Also the location of the job would have to be considered for fuel cost etc.

Andrew from Monaghan: The average cost i would charge is €10 per square. mtr. hallways and small landings would be extra depending on the number of doors to cut around. removing skirting board and refitting €50 per room. best tip i can give a customer is to buy quality flooring.

Colm from Wexford: To lay the floor i would be usually €10 per m2 skirting would be €3.50 per m2 and to remove skirting and architrave i would raise to €4.50 to cover that. all depending on the location of the job, travel cost would also incur

Gary from Dublin: 12mm laminate 12e/m2, 8mm laminate 9e/m2.

Remove and refit skirtings for that area and caulk same ie living room, dining room and hallway would be about 150e subject to site survey. remove and refit doors, plane same 30e per door. any door profiles would be 10e approx per door.

Ger from Wicklow: What i charge for fitting a laminate flooring is €12 per square meter., so for 50m2 the cost would be €600.  To remove existing skirting and refit with a caulked finish is harder to quantify the charge. but take it as €2 per meter                                          

Ger’s Tips: A golden tip for fitting laminate floors is to start laying at the most difficult side, so for example,  if you are laying in a hallway and on 1 side of the hallway there is 6 doors and on the other side there is no doors, start on the side with the doors. Undercut all door frames and begin there.

The nature of how a laminate floor goes together makes it next to impossible to do this if you start on the side with no doors.                                  

Another tip, always check the clearance at the front door before laying any floor. If internal doors need to shaved to allow the floor to run under them, ALWAYS make a note of where each door goes. there is nothing worse then trying to figure out which door goes on which frame, especially in older houses.

ALWAYS check the level of the sub floor before fitting floating floors.

If its a concrete floor, use self leveling compound, if its a a suspended timber floor, either plane the high spots or level the joists, alternatively, sheet the whole place out with ply but be conscious of the top step of the stairs, do not make a trip hazard.


If its below 4% its fine,

Put down plastic at all times.

Alan from Kildare: The laminate flooring ranges in price anything from 8.99 to 24.99+, depending on spec. i.e.. thickness, quality etc..? skirting & architrave packs are around 65.00 11/12 linear meters per/pack then underlay..foam 25m/roll or the foil back, insulating/soundbarrier underlay,

35.00 / 10m roll. labour..anyones guess these days.! 350.00-550.00

Ciaran from Cork: Assuming this is a large square/rectangular room i would charge €10 per square yard to lay the flooring. this includes cutting one door frame and architrave. to remove and refit existing skirtings in the same room i would charge about €100. so total cost would be €600.

If however there are extra doors chimney breasts, flooring a landing/hallway etc extra costs would apply. visual inspection needed

Chances are that the subfloor would also need levelling compound. a visual inspection is the only way of determining this and the extent of what would be needed. levelling compound costs about €20-€30 per bag and labour @ €30 per hour

Dan from Dublin: Install laminate flooring 50sqm – 750e.  Remove and refit skirting board- 5e/m architrave- 35e/door. 12 mm laminate 50sqm – 800e

gold underlay 4mm 250e

Tip : use 10/ 12 mm laminate and gold underlay for best soundproofing results.

Glenn from Dublin: I would charge 12 euro per msq labour only to fit laminate flooring , skirting boards are priced 5 euro per linear meter labour only prices are ex vat ,i would recommend getting a good quality laminate with an ac rating of no less than 4, also underlay is a big factor when choosing your new floor
Mariusz from Meath: My price start from €10-€15 for sqm. to choose the laminate floor the customer have to decide where it will go. there are different rating means from ac1- ac5. ac3 is ideal for residential use with general traffic. there are different type of thickness as well from 6-15 mm. common are the 8-10 mm. prices for laminate floor starts from €10-€50 per sqm, all depend from supplier, design, etc.

Phil from Dublin: The cost to lay 50msq laminate flooring would be €750. this would include cutting under door frames. would be an extra €140 to remove skirting and refit when finished and caulk up skirting and touch up with paint.

Pierre from Dublin: Between €15-€20m2 for a professional job done including cutting out the under the architraves to let the flooring under so no caps etc. Taking skirting off and on can vary really depending on the house, prob around €200 €300 on that size.

Cost on supply and fit a lamanate would be between €25m2 all the way up.

It really depends on the client preference and budget.

Deals can be on on big areas etc and can reduce prices and vise versa depending on job and budget and how long it will take to do.

John from Dublin: To fit 50 sq meters of floor removal and refiting of skirting and undercutting frames would cost €500. flooring ranges from €6 to €60 per sq yard and from 6mm-14mm ticker boards should be used for high traffic areas such as living room and hallways, thinner boards for low traffic areas such as upstairs. i recommend fiber pads as underlay rather than the traditional white foam, there a better insulator better soundproofing and as there a ridged underlay they help ensuring the floor will be perfectly level.

David from Westmeath: I would charge €15 p/m for 50 m2 +vat and this includes removing and refitting of skirting . totalling €850.

A tip for customer is to make sure floors are level. if un level , pour levelling compound through out floor area.  This will ensure no dips, squeaks etc occur .


I hope this helps some of you who are planning to lay a laminate floor and if you decide to go ahead with it you can get a number of flooring quotes here and get up to 4 quotes fast from rated tradesmen!

Oliver Dempsey

General Tips for hiring a tradesman

Here are some tips to consider when hiring a tradesman:-

1. Ask for phone numbers of references so that you can check them out

2. Check insurance of the tradesman where insurance is required

3. Hire a suitably qualified architect, building surveyor or building engineer if the job is anything to do with a new build, building renovation or extension

4. Agree on some sort of stage payments for the job. Remember that full payment should not be made until the job is complete and has been inspected by you, and if necessary by a certifier.

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