Best Indoor Hammocks and Swing Chairs

As winter approaches and you’re starting to make your home cosier with textured cushions, warm rugs, autumnal colours and perhaps by lighting an open fire or wood stove in the evenings, here are some ideas for cosying up with some very different seating options. Hammocks and swings aren’t just for the garden, they can be enjoyed indoors too, the perfect place to have a nap, or snuggle up with a good book, feeling comfortable and cocooned.

Swing Sofa

This swinging sofa is perfect for two people with deep and high cushioning to make it really comfortable. If you’d prefer not to secure it from the ceiling, it does come with a stand. Using it with a stand will make it more versatile too and it could be moved outside during the summer months.

Swing Chair

Indoor Hammock Chair – Etsy

This indoor hammock chair won’t take up as much room as a hammock and will provide the soothing motion of a swing with all the comfort of an armchair. Perfect for a rustic design scheme too.

Indoor Swinging Hammock

Imagine relaxing in a hammock and watching the world go by? Hammocks can be secured to the wooden studs in walls or ceilings using heavy duty hardware to secure strong anchor points (if you’re doubtful, do get a professional to fit it for you).

Indoor Hammock Bed

And how about a hammock as a bed? Imagine you are sailing on the high seas as it rocks you to sleep.

Indoor Hammock with Stand

If you’d prefer the flexibility of being able to move your swing or hammock easily from one position or room to another, or from indoors to outdoors, then opt for one with its own stand.

Hammocks have many benefits besides looking good and creating a statement in your home. They mould perfectly to your body, making you feel safe and cocooned while you relax. The swaying motion actually helps to calm the central nervous system, reduces pressure on joints to eliminate pain and discomfort, and has the potential to elevate your overall mental health.

Hammocks and swing chairs can be hung from ceilings or walls in the home, however, they do need to be secured to strong wooden joists using good equipment and should be tested before use. Alternatively, opt for one with its own stand.

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