6 Tips for Decorating and Furnishing Baby Bedrooms

6 Tips Baby Bedrooms

In Ireland, we tend to be a bit superstitious in terms of our preparations for a baby. I had my first child in England and I remember a friend being amazed by how I bought the bare minimum in preparation for the birth – so much so that she bought me a bag with lots of essentials when she visited me and my little boy in the hospital. Do you remember the episode of Glenroe when a heavily pregnant Biddy told Miley to take the gift of a second-hand pram out of the house in case it carried bad luck?

Perhaps I’m showing my age and young first-time mothers aren’t as superstitious now but whether you’re decorating the nursery or just planning, I’m going to share tips for getting that nursery ready today. I’m sharing some of my favourite photographs of beautiful bedrooms for babies. Each one has something incredibly useful so you can merge whichever ones you want for your own decorating scheme.

1. Comfy Chair

A comfortable armchair like the one in the photo below is really handy – whether you sit on it when feeding the baby, comforting them, or just waiting for a child to go to sleep (those evenings when they don’t want to be left on their own). The rockers are handy if you want to rock them to sleep too and saves having to walk around the room with a child on your shoulder.

Nursery chair

I also like the overhead light as a reading light, the bookshelves within reach, the side table to rest a drink on and the pouffe so you can raise your feet and lean back.

2. Night Lighting

Sometimes young children are nervous of the dark but you’ll also need a little light so you can see them when checking them at night or so you don’t fall over furniture or toys when going to comfort them if crying. That can be a plug-in night light or something that adds to the calm yet magical atmosphere of the room such as these fairy lights creating a “star effect” in one corner of the room.

Nursery night light

3. Wardrobe Dividers

Apart from buying clothes in bigger sizes during sales, you’ll also be receiving gifts of clothes from family and friends. It is really annoying to find a cute outfit hidden in the wardrobe that is now too small for your child.

Nursery clothes dividers

Be organised for your purchases and gifts by ordering or creating wardrobe dividers like these, pretty as well as practical.

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4. Storage

Even if it’s small, a walk in wardrobe like this can be so much handier than a wardrobe and chest of drawers.

Nursery storage

What would normally go in drawers can be stored in containers on shelves or in larger tubs (easily accessible and can still be organised), small items needed frequently can be stored on the inside of the door, and seldom used items can be stored on the high shelves. Every inch of space can be put to good use and yet it won’t clutter up the bedroom as the door can be closed on it all.

5. Changing Station Storage

Changing station storage

What I like about this storage unit for all the nappies and everything else you need for changing a baby is the fact that it is on wheels. If you need to, you can wheel it to the bathroom or your bedroom and still have everything to hand.

6. Child’s Swing

Okay, probably not an essential but what a wonderful extra this child’s swing would make?

Nursery child's swing

Perfect for those days when it is raining outside or it’s just too difficult to get to the park. All you have to do is sit on an armchair or a floor and keep the swing moving and this would keep a toddler entertained for some time. Just make sure that it is safely secured into a sturdy ceiling joist so there is no risk of it falling. If you don’t know a carpenter or handyperson to do a job like this for you, you can find one in your locality on our website.

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  • Patrick Chesser

    Simple but effective, this stuff is invaluable to anyone out there with new arrivals on the way! 10/10!