Tips for Decorating Teenage Boys Bedrooms

Tips for Decorating Teenage Boys BedroomsA teenage bedroom has to fulfil a lot of functions. It needs to provide a restful night’s sleep, it needs to look ‘cool’ for when friends call around, it should offer good storage and it will probably need to be a purposeful space for studying.

There’s a lot at stake in decorating boys bedrooms when they are tweens or teenagers. Your son might not have many ideas himself but won’t waste time letting you know that he doesn’t like your idea of decor for teenagers so how do you get it right?


What is a good colour for a teenage boy’s bedroom? I’d suggest keeping it fairly neutral on the large areas such as bedlinen and wall colour and let some accessories provide the pops of colour. If he’s untidy, a bright or busy wall covering will make the room appear too hectic for restful sleep or productive study. Grey is a good background colour and co-ordinates beautifully with bright orange or zesty green as accents.

grey and orange bedroom

Source: Pinterest

grey and green bedroom teenage boy

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Study Area

He will need a desk and a suitable chair for that all important homework and study – unless you prefer him to work downstairs where you can keep an eye on him. If space is short, investing in a loft bed and desk unit whereby the study area is under the bed is a good idea although good lighting is essential.

Rustic Kids
By – More kids’ room

This high sleeper has both a seating area and a study area under the bed. It looks great although I do wonder if stretching out for a nap on that comfy chair would be too tempting when studying!

High sleeper

This bedroom is small but manages to fit a study area, a narrow bed (which doubles as a sofa / day bed), a wardrobe and extra storage under the bed too.

blue and grey bedroom with storageSource: Pinterest 


He will need storage for clothing, shoes, schoolbooks, and of course, items or hobbies that he is interested in. Shelving offers storage for books and accessories, it also forms part of the decor and looks so much attractive if the shelves aren’t crammed with items. This bedroom below is quite small yet the industrial style shelving fits neatly around the bed, offers lots of storage and also creates a feature wall.

Storage boys bedroom

Source: Pinterest


Have you thought about incorporating their hobbies into the decor scheme. If items can be displayed on the walls or shelves, they will form part of the design and won’t take up valuable floor or storage space. These two guitars look striking on the wall, are easy to access for when they are needed and the use of space is efficient.

teenage bedroom guitar

Source: Pinterest

Another interesting and creative way of incorporating a boy’s hobby into the design scheme is to use skateboards as shelving!

skateboards teenage bedroom

Source: Pinterest

Relaxation Space

We all need some space to relax and given exam stress and peer pressure, teenagers certainly need it too. A chair like this looks comfortable, resembles a swing and doesn’t take up any floor space (although you will need a strong beam to hang it from).

Teenage bedroom chair

Source: Pinterest

Getting It Done

Now that you have some ideas for the decor, it’s a case of getting organised. Whether you need a handyman to suspend a hanging chair, a painter to paint or wallpaper the walls or someone to put up shelves, you can get up to four quotes on our website.

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  • Patrick Chesser

    Great job with the article guys! I’m still unsure however of what way I should go about redecorating my son’s bedroom and would very much appreciate the help of an Interior Designer for instance. Would you have many such contacts on your website? Cheers

  • Rory Bird

    More or less the same question as Patrick except my room needs to be tailored for both a boy and a girl! Any ideas as to how I should proceed? Thanks a million love the article by the way!

  • Andaluzia Rampelt

    I love these tips! Thx

  • tradesmen1

    thanks for the feedback Andaluzia, much appreciated!

  • tradesmen1

    Hi Rory,

    Thanks for your question and comment. I’ve seen some lovely ideas of a boys/girls bedrooms where they used either of two approaches as follows:- 1. To divide the bedroom in half painting half the room pink and the other half blue using neutral colours on the bed linen or 2. you could use neutral colour paints on the walls and boy and girl bed linen on the beds.



  • tradesmen1

    Hi Patrick, yes we have interior designers on our website as well. To post a job and get up to 4 quotes from interior designers just go to and fill in your details