Window and Door Prices – Survey

Window and Door Prices Survey
Hi folks,
recently we carried out a quick window and door prices survey with some window companies on  They were asked to price 2 external pvc doors, front and back and 7 average size pvc windows.  All windows to have a u-value* of 1.3.  Here are some of the replies we got below:-

Chris from Dublin:     Windows 3 – 5k Doors 2 – 4k Heat : A rated units and foam fill cavity. Fit close able wall vents. Triple glaze is problematic and should be avoided till issues are dealt with. For noisy streets, laminated glazed units will dampen a lot of noise but not all. Secondary glazing usually works best.

Denis from Wexford:     That is a varied question it depends on a no of factors a very rough price would be about €3,200 delivery only if you fit a good quality profile with well made double glazing there shouldn’t be any problems ,people talk about triple glazing but the u values aren’t much better the advantage it would have is. If it was near a road for sound insulation disadvantage would be hinges would have to be stronger to carry weight, good fitting is also important.  It would cost about €700 to fit so that works out at €3,900 + VAT altogether.

Aurimas from Carlow:     Circa €5k Best money spent would be on triple glazing add another 30% roughly

Aidan from Dublin:     Windows and door prices as specified about e3,500 +

Declan from Tipperary:     Price will vary massively depending on door type i.e pvc or composite? Colour will also make a difference and finally, the style of window you choose. Rule of thumb the more panes of glass the more expensive the window will be. In relation to U-values I wouldn’t accept anything over 1.2 nowadays. The more chambers the pvc section has the better overall energy efficiency. And windows should be direct fixed rather than wedging and foaming.

Mariusz from Dublin:     The windows used 1.4 u value, db31 (-1,-5) 7 windows 2100 euros, 2 doors(front, back) 800 euro. Transport 600 euro. Total ex vat 3500 euros.

Window and Door Prices Summary

As you can see there is a wide variation on window and door prices with most prices ranging from €3,500+ VAT to €5,000.  Some interesting tips were given as well.  Our survey was very rough with no measurements on the windows so some of the higher prices above may be allowing for larger size windows. We are presuming also that all of the prices provided were for double glazed pvc windows unless otherwise specified.  The main thing that our survey demonstrates is the importance of getting a number of prices when planning your window replacement job and to make sure you are comparing like with like.  Be sure to ask does the price include or exclude VAT, does the price include or exclude disposal of the original windows and doors and does it include fixing the plaster and making good around the reveals.

As I said in a previous article, a friend of mine got her windows replaced a while ago but she was very disappointed to find when the job was done that the price had not included fixing the plaster and making good around the reveals. The contract she had signed prior to the purchase had stated in the small print that fixing around the reveals would not be included but she hadn’t read the small print.

You will notice above that we used a u-value of 1.3 which is a pretty good u-value but by no means the best u-value. The lower the u-value of the window the more it will retain the heat in your home and save on your heating bill. There are lots of places in your home where heat can be lost but in the past the windows and doors would have been the week points. These days you can get windows and doors that are so well insulated that they will retain the heat far better than the walls, floors and ceilings. However, you have to weigh up the cost benefit in having windows and doors that are exceptionally good at keeping in the heat if the heat ends up going out through your walls, floors and ceilings instead or if members of your household are in the habit of leaving windows and doors open:-)

Here are some photos of PVC windows below:-

White PVC Double Glazed French Doors

White PVC Double Glazed French Doors

Double Glazed White PVC Side Hung Outward Opening Windows

Double Glazed White PVC Side Hung Outward Opening Windows

Installing a White PVC Double Glazed Back Door

Installing a White PVC Double Glazed Back Door

PVC Double and Triple Glazed Window Profiles

PVC Double and Triple Glazed Window Profiles

White PVC Double Glazed Side Hung Window with Built in Vents

White PVC Double Glazed Side Hung Window with Built in Vents

I hope this helps some of you who are planning to replace your windows and doors in the near future.  If you do decide to go ahead with your window and door replacement job you can get a number of quotes on here.

If you have any other comments or suggestions please feel free to comment below

Oliver Dempsey
23rd May 2015

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* Thermal transmittance (U-value) relates to a building component or structure, and is a measure of the rate at which heat passes through that component or structure when unit temperature difference is maintained between the ambient air temperatures on each side. It is expressed in units of Watts per square metre per degree of air temperature difference (W/m2K). Source: Building Regulations Technical Guidance Document, Conservation of Fuel and Energy 2007, Part L, paragraph 0.3.4.

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  • tradesmen1

    Here is a quote later from Daragh from Dublin: Back residential door from e950
    Front residential door from e1050
    Front composite door from e1800
    7 average windows would be approx. e3,150
    I fit high security locks on doors with shoot bolts on all openings.
    A rated windows start with a UVALUE of 1.1 with premier triple glazing giving as low as .8 UVALUE.

  • tradesmen1

    Eugene From Longford: In response to your window and door prices survey, you are looking at a price between €7500 and €8500 approx

  • tradesmen1

    John from Dublin: the price is 3.400 euro for mid range 60 mil profile . 1.3 u v , to get the maximum u v its the person who fits the windows . Most fitters are on price per unit and that means they dont have the knowledge or take short cuts. Most heat escapes in the attic, is caused by bad workmanship or companies who subcontract instead of fitting the windows themselves

  • Patrick Chesser

    Hi Tradesmen, did you receive any feedback regarding this topic closer to Mayo as I would be interested to know how much the price changes in different areas of Ireland? Great to see so much feedback from qualified tradesmen also!

  • tradesmen1

    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your message. We didn’t receive any feedback from Tradesmen in Mayo on this occasion but if you are interested in getting a quote for windows in Mayo just go to and we’ll get you up to 4 quotes for your job.


    Oliver Dempsey

  • justin smith

    I had bought sash locks from SRS Hardware at cheap price. They were well polished and made with solid brass material.

  • tradesmen1

    Hi Justin,

    Glad to hear you got a good deal on the sash locks. You might also be interested in secondary glazing for sash windows, you can find out more at


    Oliver Dempsey