Conservatory and Sunroom Price Survey 2021

Conservatory and Sunroom Prices 2021

If you’re looking to expand your home, you may want to consider a new conservatory or sunroom. Conservatories and sunrooms offer you a space that can adapt to numerous purposes while providing plenty of light and a warm atmosphere that you and your family will love.  The advantages of conservatories and sunrooms are as follows:- 1. Creating more living space, 2. Providing better natural light, 3. Bringing the house and garden together, 4. Providing outdoor views, 5. Increasing home value.

Lately we did a quick survey on conservatory and sunroom Prices with a number of tradesmen on our website.  We asked them to let us know roughly what a standard conservatory / sunroom would cost per sq metre and if they had any tips or advice for customers on having a good experience with the tradesman.  Here is a sample of some of the replies we got below:-

Lance from Dublin: We would normally charge an average of €1,100-€1,200 m2 for conservatories and  €1,400-€1,600 for sunroom

James from Dublin: Basically a roughy price on a standard sunroom etc 30-40, thousand, Price on materials are going up every month now.  Tips: Most important if there is a sewage shore where you are thinking of building this must be diverted which can be quite expensive. Also that neighbours are ok as well as you might need access to finish of cable side of extension, I would advise clients to tell the neighbours what they intend to do , also when getting quotes for jobs never go for the cheapest quote, make sure when dealing with the builder to clarify exactly what he is doing for the price he is quoting as extra  can be quite costly.

Pat from Offaly: A conservatory finished to high standard would cost between1,000 to1400 per meter .sq

Ciaran from Wexford: At the moment depending on windows, roof etc., costs range from €900 to €1600 per square metre depending on finish, access etc. With your general conservatory to a mid range standard of finish €1200 to €1300 per square metre.   Customers considerations or advice I would give would be to choose wisely where to put it and chose your materials wisely including your ratio of windows as with too much glass you run the risk of the area been like an oven in summer time and a freezer in winter and not being able to utilise it all year round.

Sean from Galway: A rough ballpark for a sunroom/conservatory would be 1,500 to 1,800sq metre, depending on the design required etc.  Always look for references of similar jobs done previously

Damien from Dublin: Regarding cost – unfortunately the cost of materials have gone up and up of late. I personally have been instructed by my main supplier to add 20 per cent on to the cost of a price a year or two ago. This is due to covid brexit and shipping costs as a lot of materials come from abroad a shipping container is now at an all time high. An extension at 30sqm could now cost in the region of 45-70k depending on spec. Conservatorys are a bit dated.  Sunrooms are slightly cheaper as there’s less insulation required. More glass less plastering. A 30sqm sunroom could cost 30 -40 k.


I hope this helps some of you who are planning to extend your home in the future.  As you can see conservatories are less expensive than sunrooms but with a well insulated roof, the sunroom will be warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer.  If you decide to add a conservatory or sunroom to your home,  you can get a number of conservatory and sunroom prices here and get up to 4 quotes fast from rated tradesmen!

At, we are continuing to provide our service within the restrictions that apply. Please feel free to look for quotes but only work that complies with the government guidelines should be carried out until these restrictions are lifted.

See you next time!

Oliver Dempsey

9 October 2021

General Tips for hiring a tradesman

Here are some tips to consider when hiring a tradesman:-

1. Ask for phone numbers of references so that you can check them out

2. Check insurance of the tradesman where insurance is required

3. Hire a suitably qualified architect, building surveyor or building engineer if the job is anything to do with a new build, building renovation or extension

4. Agree on some sort of stage payments for the job. Remember that full payment should not be made until the job is complete and has been inspected by you, and if necessary by a certifier.

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