Building Surveyor Cost Survey 2023

Building Surveyor Cost Survey

Recently we carried out a Building Surveyor cost survey with some building surveyors on our website.  We asked them to let us know a couple of examples of the most common type of job that they are asked to do and roughly what price a customer should expect to pay. We also asked them if they had any tips for the customer on having a good experience with their Building Surveyor.  Here are a couple of replies we received below:-

Kenneth from Galway: Pre-purchase house survey fees depend on the complexity of the property and the location.  My fees range from €450.00 plus vat for a basic three storey locally and €600.00 plus vat outside my jurisdiction.  Mid fees are €600.00 plus vat for houses over 2,000 sq./ft and houses larger than that would be €800.00 plus vat. Five working day notice is required and payment due on the survey date or before, on an online bank transaction.

Robert from Dublin: In the industry I’m hearing of high variance of the pricing now. The range I’m hearing is 350-800.  I’d expect to be paying 450-550 for a thorough survey off a reputable professional. Larger companies with larger overheads are charging more.

Top tip is to ask if the surveyor meets with the client after the survey is carried out to run them through the report and ensure they are happy with the content and follow up actions required. that’s some of the good feedback we get off people that have had their 2nd survey, they appreciate that we take the time to run them through the report.


I hope this helps some of you who are planning to hire a building surveyor in the near future.  If you are looking for a building surveyor you can get a number of quotes on here*


Oliver Dempsey

17 January 2023


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