Decorating with Black – Tips for 4 Rooms in your Home


Decorating with black?

Does this sound too dark, too sombre, too claustrophobic?

If that’s your initial reaction, then prepare to be surprised and delighted. Black can be a sophisticated, moody, dramatic and glorious colour to use in the home. Here are some tips and examples regarding how to use it well.

Black Bedrooms

black and white bedroom

The bedroom above carries the dark colour very well, partly because it is a large room with a high ceiling. The wall-hung mirrors and mirrored furniture will increase the natural light and the sense of space within the room too. The tactile textures of the rug, the lampshades, the numerous cushions and the deep filled duvet add warmth and cosiness so the black and white contrasts aren’t stark and cold. Do you like it? I do but if it were mine, I’d add splashes of a warmer colour in an accent, maybe a hot pink. I really like the mustard headboard in the bedroom below. It’s also a strong colour and it warms the whole scheme.

Black bedroom with accents

Black Bathrooms

black bathroom 2

Are black bathrooms too stark and cold? Not at all but it can depend on how it is accessorized. The bathroom above does seem dark but let’s look at how warmer tones are introduced via the tufted rug on the floor, the hot pink of the plant and the wooden seat. The dark tones make it luxurious rather than cold.

The black paint on the walls in the bathroom below provides a dramatic yet plain backdrop to the variety of colourful paintings and pictures.

black bathroom

Black Living Rooms

Black feminine living room

Are black living rooms gloomy uninspiring places, only suitable for watching movies on winter evenings? Not at all. They are certainly cosy, there’s something about those dark shades that does make you want to spend longer there.

The black and white living room above is actually quite feminine and it’s not just because of the inclusion of soft pinks accented with lime greens. There’s a lot of texture in the room too, from the textured cushions and wallhanging, the elaborate chandelier, the flowers on the mantelpiece, the floor rug, and even the books on the coffee table look to have quite tactile book covers.

The ceiling in the living room below is painted black as well which is unusual but it’s a very high ceiling, so they get away with it. The elaborate coving adds detail and texture. The accessories on the mantelpiece, the copper of the fire surround and the coffee table add warm earthy tones. The dark greens of the seating add to the sense of luxury.

black living roomBlack Kitchens

black and white kitchen

What about black kitchens? Should they be limited to bachelor pads, to narrow galley kitchens in small apartments, to huge warehouse style apartments? Not necessarily. However, they do need to be “warmed up”. The presence of a wood in warm tones such as walnut, as in the kitchen above, makes a huge difference to what might otherwise be a stark black and white kitchen.

As you can see in the kitchen below, a black kitchen is sleek. It wouldn’t work in a “country style” kitchen. The kitchen tools on display are purposefully there to add some colour and texture. Clutter would not work on those open shelves. The wooden worktop and shelves add warmth too.

Black kitchen

Whether you need an interior designer, a builder, a carpenter, a kitchen fitter or a decorator for the next job on your home, you can get up to 4 quotes from our website. We hope this has inspired you to be brave and think about black as a colour option when you’re decorating the next room in your home.

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