Creating Student Spaces

Most Junior and Leaving Certificate students will have just sat their Mock exams, or will be taking them after the half term break. As it edges closer to the real exams, it’s really important that they have a place to study, a space that feels conducive to learning, a room that doesn’t have distractions, is comfortable, and of course, is calming. So how do you achieve all that?



Whether studying in a bedroom or another room in the home, a good desk and chair are essential. The desk should have sufficient space for a laptop or PC with a notebook to the side and a container for stationery. There should be room for a lamp too. Shelves above the desk or a bookcase beside it will keep books and folders tidy and within easy reach. A noticeboard where they can write or pin notes containing reminders or encouraging expressions is a good idea.


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A good office chair is essential. Their bodies are still growing and they should be getting in the habit of having good posture when sitting for extended time at a desk.

They say a change is as good as a rest so if there is enough space in the bedroom, a comfy armchair or a beanbag is handy for resting, sitting on it to chat to friends, or even moving away from the desk for half an hour to read over notes or a book.


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Now I’d love one of these hanging chairs – whatever about a teenager loving it!


Good task lighting is essential. Task lighting means that there is direct light on the task in hand so a desk lamp like an anglepoise shining down on the books is required. Positioning the desk near the window will ensure that the most is made of the natural lighting. After all, it should stop them becoming sleepy!


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Fairy lights create a lovely relaxed ambience, perfect for when they need to relax. They can add a personal touch to their bedroom if they use mini pegs to secure photographs to a string too (although I wouldn’t recommend having paper photographs in contact with the light source in case of heat causing a fire).


Blues and greens are calming colours and are said to stimulate learning. It doesn’t mean you have to paint the walls a lime green but perhaps a pale warm blue with orange accessories to add some zing would be considered stylish as well as calming.


Source: Mini Moderns cushions and wallpaper

If your child is older and studying away from home, colourful accessories will brighten up magnolia walls in rented accommodation. Bright bedlinen, some flamboyant cushions, colourful stationery and perhaps a couple of prints for the walls will inject some personality as well as colour.


Source: Orla Kiely bedlinen


Whether the floor is wooden or carpet, a colourful rug beside the bed or under the desk adds a more homely feel. It will help to keep the feet warm while studying too.


Source: Designers Guild Peony Rug


Teenagers / students need lots of storage – for clothes, shoes, books, sports gear, clothing accessories and more. Large boxes that fit to slide under the bed are perfect (and should prevent lone articles getting lost underneath there too).

With these in place, they’ll have no excuse for not doing well in the exams! It’s all about creating an atmosphere that is comfortable and conducive to studying.

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