Getting Your Front Door Ready For Winter

how-to-get-your-front-door-ready-for-winterNow that hallow’een is approaching, our gardens need tidying up and they probably aren’t as colourful as they were during the summer. What can you do to make the front of your house and the hall door look more attractive as we head into the bare months of winter?

Hallow’een Decorating

Dress up your front porch for Hallow’een and you don’t have to spend a lot to make it look spookily festive.  These bare branches are appropriate so rather than moving these potted trees around to the back garden, leave them at the front but adorn them with something “spooky” such as these bats. Adding a few pumpkins or autumnal planting at the base will provide the colour.


Source: Pinterest

Autumn Colours

Hanging a wreath of autumnal colour on your front door or creating a tall display within a plant pot of grasses from your garden, rosehips, berries, corn and pumpkins will provide appropriate colour for weeks.

front-door-halloweenSource: Pinterest

Informal Planting

Plants in pots will always dress a front door, creating interest and colour as they take away from the straight lines of windows, doors and wall edges. If you prefer a “friendly, more relaxed” look, then go for asymmetry with different sized and shaped pots with slightly different planting on either side of the door, just as shown below.


Source: Pinterest

Between the half door, the stone work and the planting, this looks like something out of Country Living magazine – inviting, rural and cosy. Yes, I want to go in for a cup of tea and sit by their fire.

Formal Planting

When everything at the front door is symmetrical, such as the lighting and planting as in this photograph, it lends a more formal tone to the building. Not only is there a plant either side but they are identical.


Source: Pinterest

The addition of matching windows either side of the door, or pillars, would make it even more formal. To make it more informal, adding something to one side to throw off the symmetry is all it needs.


Climbing plants, that either flower or turn gorgeous shades of reds and golds in autumn, look wonderful around a front door. However, do prune them so they don’t overwhelm and take over the appearance of the front door. Sometimes less is more.


Source: Pinterest

Unusual Feature

Sometimes a front door just needs something unusual, beautiful or quirky to make it stand out. It might be a beautiful fanlight above the door, or an unusual door handle or window within the door, or perhaps a stunning half window like this one – now, that’s really special isn’t it?

front-door-unusual-windowSource: Pinterest

Front Door Lighting

Lighting is really important, particularly in the winter months and sensor lighting that comes on when someone walks up to the front door is really handy for many reasons – whether it’s for you rummaging for your key or for someone trying to see the house number or name. Sensor lighting is also good for security reasons too.


Even if there isn’t room for a sizeable porch, a small canopy will provide some shelter for the visitor standing there waiting for you to answer the door, or again, for you when you’re inserting the key in the door and trying to get inside as quickly as possible.


Source: Pinterest

And of course, painting your front door will protect it against the wind and rain of winter as well as brightening up the appearance of your house too. What colour is your front door?

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