How To Create Impressive First Impressions

How To Create A Hall With Wow FactorDo you ever open your front door and sigh because you’d love your hallway to have some wow? Is it starting to look a bit tired? Does it need redecorating and you would like it to impress visitors as they step into your house? First impressions count and once someone is greeted by a tidy, well-decorated hallway with a statement piece to take their breath away, their impressions last as they move into more rooms.

How To Impress With Statement Pieces

A statement piece doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s as much about the placement of the piece as the size, colour or cost. The first thing to consider is the shape of the hall and what visitors can see the moment the front door is opened.

If the hall is long and narrow, your ‘impact space’ is likely to be on the opposite wall. I’d recommend that the longer the hallway, the bigger the size of the statement piece so that it really stands out.

The deeper colour and art gallery on the end wall in this narrow hallway means that people’s eyes are drawn to it and it will also make the end wall seem nearer to the front door too.

Statement wall in hallways

Source: Pinterest

None of the pieces on the art gallery wall would be particularly impressive on their own but the mix of shapes and sizes collaborate to create lots of interest. I particularly like the empty frames around the deer head at the top and the painted numeral on the bottom left.

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Statement wall in hall

Source: Pinterest 

This hallway uses a similar principle of placing a painting and an attractive hall table at the end wall, two simple pieces. What adds impact to them is the framing by the arch effect. This also gives the impression that the arch is closer to the end wall too but if you look closely, you’ll see that there is a doorway either side so the space is substantial.

Side tables are really convenient pieces in a hallway. They can be used for storage (get one with drawers) so that items such as letters, keys and anything else that seems to gather amongst your display pieces can be put away and won’t make a mess. If you place it in the right place with attractive accessories such as lamps, a display of flowers and ornaments of different heights, it can be your statement piece.

side table in hallways

Source: Pinterest

The size of the mirror ensures that it adds to the impressiveness as the visitor approaches the door. It reflects what looks like a beautiful garden and a mirror is essential in a hall if you want to glance at your appearance before you leave the house.


Source: Natural Wood

If you have a large radiator in your hall and wish to conceal it, the most impressive way to do so is with a dramatic radiator cover which turns it into a statement piece. The dark colour, the outlining of the panelling, the lamps, the shape of the mirror and the tall accessories all combine to provide a wow factor in this hallway. It also serves as a side table.

It’s a good idea to have some seating in the hallway, be in an armchair or a small sofa. It makes it easier for guests if they wish to sit to put on shoes and will suggest a relaxing atmosphere too.

Seating hallway

Source: Pinterest

This small sofa is doubly emphasised by the framing of the wide doors and the paintings above it. Quite impressive.

window seat in hallway

Source: Pinterest

This seat is much more informal and by building a little window seat into the end of the hallway and below the sash window, it draws the eye to it and creates such a relaxing atmosphere as it invites people to curl up there with a cushion and a book. If there is storage under that lid, it fulfils a practical purpose too.

piano in hall

Source: Pinterest

If your hall is wide and sizeable enough to take a large piece of furniture, a round table in the centre or a piano to the side (both adorned with flowers), will certainly provide a statement piece.

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  • Rory Bird

    Excellent article Lorna, I found it very hard to find another blog on the internet that went into first impressions in your home in such detail and never imagined how much of a statement could actually be made just through your furniture! Great job once again guys!!

  • tradesmen1

    Hi Rory, thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!