Gutters Fascia & Soffit Replacement Cost Survey

gutters fascia & soffit cost surveyHi folks,
recently we carried out a survey to find out how much it would cost ex vat for materials and labour to replace old gutters, fascia & soffit on an average semi-detached 3 bedroom house.  You can see a sample of the replies below:-

Pat from Galway: Around 100 per ft sq

Derek from Cork: Around my area I would be charging between e75 and e90 per sq ft for an extension depending on the finish.

Andrew from Cork: gutters, fascia & soffit around 900E per sq meter.

Tony from Tipperary: e875 Only extras if timbers were rotten

Brendan from Wicklow: depending on materials around 1200 to 1500

Tom from Meath: Between 800 and 1000 . Make sure old fascia not rotten

Mark from Westmeath: e950 supply and fit white pvc gutters/fascia and soffit ex vat

Mark from Dublin: Estimated e1800 maybe rotten timber might affect privet

Keith from Dublin: If it’s old concrete around 1200 if it’s onto timber about 900

Brendan from Offaly: You’re looking at any thing between e850 & e1000 for gutters, fascia & soffit.

Patrick from Louth: It depends on if you need to replace the existing wooden ones. If not labour and met. About e 850.00.

David from Dublin: bog standerd 3 bed cost about 300e for materials and about 450e labour rotten timbers would be extra 150e to 200e can go as high as 1500e if timbers are rotten bad exess for ladders apex in roof or famcy wood work or some houses have 9ins facia that would cost more.

Garreth from Louth: e1220 roughly

Darren from Cork: About 1100 euro only complication is that the boards that the fascia is fixed to might need replacing if rotted. You explain that to the client beforehand and added cost if needs replacing

Stuart from Dublin: if it’s only PVC being installed the price should be around the e1600 < e1800 all in but if timbers need replacing the price can go up.

Sean from Clare: It’s a while since I priced something like that but I’d say around 1650 and things that might slow you down would be rotten rafters. Boxes etc

Brendan from Offaly: e800. If timber underneath is rotten it would be a bigger job.

Cormac from Wexford: it cost about e1000 , but if the timber is rotting it’s about e100 to e150 to replace rotting timber , all prices including vat.

Tommy from Dublin: You to 1200 euro that’s removal of the old gutter to. The.price would go higher were to get decrotive accessories that go on the underneath of the facia board

Paddy from Dublin: Roughly e750 plus vat.rotten timber,spanning over conservatories,sheds at side of houses etc would increase the price.

Derek from Dublin: It would cost on average supply an fit about e1000.00… May be some timber could have to replaced or some wires moved

Keith from Kildare: You should be covered at 1300 euro providing u have no rotten timber behind existing pvc

Greg from Dublin: as to the guttering I guess you meant pvc gutters so the average price for that type of house should be between 800 and 950 and the factor that could affect the price night be the amount of repair to the woodwork(rotten fascia boxes etc.). Aluminum or zink gutters are much more expensive.

Sean from Cork: Approx twelve fifty provided you dont have to renew timber

Gutters Fascia & Soffit Replacement Cost Summary

As you can see there is a big variation in prices for gutters fascia & soffit replacement, ranging from €750+VAT to €1,800+VAT for the average semi-detached 3 bedroom house covered in our survey.    The average price worked out at €1,094+VAT but, as pointed out by many of the tradesmen, if the wood on the existing fascia and soffit is rotten you will need to replace this as well.  Sometimes the wood may look ok because it has been painted over so make sure to get it checked properly before applying any PVC on top of it.  Also, make sure to check out the building regulations to see what ventilation is needed in the PVC to allow the wood underneath to breath and prevent it from rotting.

Tips for Hiring a Tradesman

When getting prices for gutters fascia & soffit it may be tempting to go for the lowest price but as always I would suggest you put quality ahead of price and try to hire the tradesman who will do the best job rather than for the cheapest price.  Some important tips when hiring a tradesman are as follows, (a) get references, qualifications and insurance details from each tradesman who quotes for the job, (b) hire a certifier (i.e. a suitably qualified architect, building surveyor or building engineer) if the job is anything to do with a new build, building renovation or extension or if you would just like a professional second opinion (c) only pay for each stage after it has been inspected by you or if necessary by the certifier (d) consider using an escrow payment facility to manage the payments and to safeguard both you and the tradesman.

I hope this helps some of you who are planning to replace your gutters fascia & soffit in the near future.   Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or comments.

Oliver Dempsey
23rd August 2014

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