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house painting pricesWe recently we carried out a house painting price survey of some of the painters from Dublin on We asked our tradesmen for quotes on a semi detached 3 bed house that required painting internally and externally. With regards internal painting the lowest price in our survey was €600 and the highest was €3,500 with the average price being €2,050. With regards the external house painting the lowest price was €350 and the highest €1850 with the average price being €1,100.

The findings from our survey:

Averaged price for external painting of 3 bed semi detached = €1,100

Averaged price for internal painting of 3 bed semi detached = €2,050

Please see replies to our survey below:-

Shaun R: 2.000 inside external 900

Dion I: E850 outside. E1750 inside provided it’s relatively clear of stuff. D

Thomas D : Inside 2200 outside 1800

Andrew S: internal around 2000, exterior around 900 depends on render finish

Arthur G: Inside 700-1500. Exterior 500-1100.

Thomas J: 2k inside. 1,2k outside. standard dulux white.

Brendan W: E1,600 for interior. E400 or E500 for exterior ballpark figure of course.

Kenneth L: 1500e internal. 700e external.

Tony M: Labor inside ceilings walls woodwork two coats of paint 850 euro external are walls and ceils 350 not inc paint

Joe G: 600 inside. outside 550euro

Ciaran B: Inside 1575 outside 850 including labour materials and vat

Adrian M: 1150incl paint.850incl paint

James M: Inside materials and labour 700 – 900. Outside 600 – 800

Chris K: The house inside it will be 750e + extra for paint.outside the house is 450e+ extra for paint

William F: Interior walls ceilings timber work price does not include for stripping of wallpaper price 2250. Exterior walls cills reviles 1850

Gerry C: to paint inside of 3bed between 2.000 to 3.500 depending on finish outside between 600-1200 also depending on finish

Paddy D: Including vat and paint,1750 inside,800 outside

Wayne K: For a standard 3 bedroom house hall stairs landing bathroom plus on suite sitting room kitchen dinning room i would usually quote around 1100 outside walls and window cills around 500to 600

Michael G: To paint inside of 3 bedroom semi d 2 coats on every thing inc all prep = e1,7oo +painting of outside of same 2 coats all round=e1 5 oo .

Damian B: I would have to see job inside all Dulux paints two coats on everything 2800. Outside u would hav to see.

As you can see the prices vary a lot.  Make sure that you are comparing like with like when you are pricing painting.  See does the quote include or exclude paint and see does it include or exclude vat.  See what paint is being used, for example Dulux paint will be more expensive but will be far better quality.  Also, make sure that you only hire a professional painter and that you ask for previous references and insurance details etc..

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to comment below and if you would like to get up to 4 prices from rated painters in your area please post your job here

Regards Cheryl Chambers

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  • Damien

    The highest and Average figures for painting of the House Exterior provided at the end of the first paragraph don’t add up . “…the lowest price was €350 and the highest was €840 with the average price being €1,084.” If the highest price of €840 is quoted correctly, then the Average price should be somewhere between the €350 (lowest) and €850 (highest), not €1,084 .

    Other than the correction needed above, the survey provides a welcome indication of the going rates. However, one additional note, I found that most of the quotes listed in the Survey don’t provide much detail as to what is being quoted for (i.e. is the price inclusive of VAT, Materials, Labour). There is a lot of ambiguity for the expectations of each party.

  • admin

    Hi Damien,
    sorry about that, I just had a quick look at it there and it looks like the average price for inside is roughly €2,050 and the average price for outside is €1,100. It is a good point that you make about the ambiguity of some of the prices and the survey is a good example of how easy it is to misunderstand a quote if everything is not specified such as VAT, Materials, Labour and the brand and type of paint being used. For anyone who is thinking of getting some quotes for painting make sure that all of these things are specified in the quote and that you get the quote in writing before you start.

    Oliver Dempsey

  • Gerry

    Crazy-are some of these guys living in the real world–anything over E1500 for the inside a 3 bed house including vat and materials is extortion, Some of the prices quoted are 2002-2008 rip off prices-they should take a hike.Its about 3 days work (1day prep-2days good finish),.Are they off their heads–e800-900 a dayx 5days x52=mega bucks- when it should be no more than E500 a day at the most. Outside should be E600-750(2 days work,may run over into 3rd day )and should include clean down of windows sills etc ,weather paint and stabilizer .The above applies to Dublin and surrounding area ,I cannot speak for beyond that

  • Avril

    Hi, I’m looking for a quote to paint the external of my house in clondalkin, 3 bed semi? thanks.

  • tradesmen1

    Hi Avril,
    thanks for your query. To post a job just go to and fill in the form on that page.

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  • Seán Mac Laithimh

    Great article guys, I fould your blog when I searched for Painters Dublin into Google

  • tradesmen1

    Thanks Sean, we’re glad you liked it!