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Office Phone SystemRecently we asked some phone installers on our website for prices on office phone systems in Ireland.  We ask them to provide us with a quote for analogue and digital phones for a 5 phone office system and a 20 phone office system.  The 5 phone office system would have 3 lines and 5 extensions and the 20 phone office system would have 6 lines and 20 extensions.  Here are the prices that we got back below:

Jim J: the price depends on the type of phones the customer wants i wil give u a price for both 3 lines 5 extensions (analogue phones) 800 plus vat 3 lines and 5 extensions (key phones) 1050 plus vat 6 lines and 20 extensions (analogue phones) 1800 plus vat 6 lines and 20 extensions (key phones) 2800 plus vat the difference between the analogue phones and the key phones are the analogue phones would be similiar to your home phone and the key phones have hold buttons and visual indications when calls are in process.
Paul R:prices for phone systems as follows – 5 phone system analogue €1100, digital €2550. 20 phone system analogue €2250, digital €4250
Ian C: €2000 & €5500 respectively, for 5 or 20 handset systems, good system with voicemail, SIP trunks, VoIP channels.  As the system extensions increase the cost of the handsets is what makes the difference in price. We can do basic digital systems for approx. 30% less than the iPECS but we find customers add the features back onto the basic systems and it ends up costing more in the long run.
So as you can see there is quite a difference in the cost of phone systems for the office but be careful to compare like with like and be sure to find out if cabling is included in the price.
Paul T:a basic analogue 5 phone system is about €1100 + vat and a 20 phone system is about €4000 + vat this does not include cabling.

I hope this article was of some benefit to you and please feel free to post your comments or questions below.  If you don’t want to spend time looking up lots of websites, filling in forms and making calls just click here to get up to 4 quotes fast from rated phone installers.

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    If you’re shopping for phone systems, you need to be able to comprehensively compare systems side by side in order to get an idea as to what you’re getting and how much you’re paying for it. An overall cost of a system might not give a clear indication as to the actual costs. An easier way to do this is to break the cost down into a per user comparison.

    Price Ranges

    The range of cost per user can vary greatly when looking at phone systems. You can see prices as low as $6.50 per user, and as high as $100 per user. We’ll compare some different vendors here, looking at those on the low side as well as the high side, and talk about some of the feature differences each has.

  • tradesmen1

    thanks for your reply, yes pricing per user is a good approach. Depending on the budget of the customer they can then strike a balance between the cost of the system and the features that require

    Oliver Dempsey