Building Surveyor Cost Survey 2022

building surveyor cost survey

Recently we carried out a Building Surveyor cost survey with some building surveyors on our website.  We asked them to let us know a couple of examples of the most common type of job that they are asked to do and roughly what price a customer should expect to pay. We also asked them if they had any tips for the customer on having a good experience with their Building Surveyor.  Here is a sample of the replies we received below:-

Kenneth from Galway: A standard “stage 2” survey for a four bedroom semi-detached house is €450.00 Plus Vat for a local unit and an extra €50.00 plus Vat one hour drive.

It would be useful if the customer has the floor area of the house and the site plot. Also to have a link to the brochure is ideal.The customer should also check the following are in place;

  • The Surveyor is Registered Chartered Status.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (Without this, the report is useless) €1.50 Million.
  • VAT Registered.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate.

The following is also included as part of the survey service;

  • Planning check.· Flood plain check.
  • Folio Map check.
  • Insurance Rebuild Estimate Cost included.
  • Estimate of any house repair/ defect work.

Payment is due on the day of survey or before. Paid online or Revolut.

Mark from Dublin: For Building Surveys there are 3 types and these should be made available to customers as options as these will dictate the type of fee;

Type 1- This is an intrusive survey i.e. lifting floor boards, drilling holes in walls etc- this will afford the owner in-depth knowledge of what’s in the property that they are buying. Obviously, drilling holes and lift floor boards takes time. as a rough guide for a 3 bed semi detached dwelling- this would cost somewhere between €800 to €1,500 depending on location in the country

Type 2- this is an non intrusive survey but gives a detailed description of what is found in the property. It provides commentary on each element of the dwelling and its overall condition- i.e. double glazed pvc, no carbon monoxide alarm detected in the property, gained entry to the attic- no cover on the water tank etc.  Again a rough guide taking a 3 bed semi detached dwelling- this would cost somewhere between €300 to €800 depending on location in the country

Type 3- this is again a non intrusive survey but it only includes a list of potential issues that the owner need be aware of when purchasing the property.  Again a rough guide taking a 3 bed semi detached dwelling- this would cost somewhere between €200 to €500 depending on location in the country

The following should also be options made available to let the surveyor know the type of service is required;

a snag list- this is a basic ask- guide price €200 to €500 depending on location

boundary check- this can be a stand alone task- guide price €350 to €800 depending on location”

Robert from Dublin: Depending if its snagging or pre purchase surveying on a 2nd hand property. Snagging is a lot cheaper down around the 300 mark on average. Surveying the type 2 survey is 400 to 500.

The process should be relatively straight forward for the customer once they provide the agents details we arrange access, notify them of the time and date and turn around the report in less than 5 business days.

All payment options are accepted by me so there’s no constraints that way and they don’t pay until I’ve ran through the report with them to ensure they’re happy with the service.

Denis from Cork: It is difficult to provide any accurate price as properties vary so much and any extension will usually involve other alterations to the existing house layout.

The works will require a survey of the existing house & site, plans prepared of the existing house and site, plans of the proposed works, tender documents and specifications, health and safety plan and about 5-6 inspections minimum during construction.

A person should allow a budget price for architect/engineer fees in the region of €3000 to €4000 plus VAT.


I hope this helps some of you who are planning to hire a building surveyor in the near future.  If you are looking for a building surveyor you can get a number of quotes on here*


Oliver Dempsey

16 January 2022

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