Adding Style with Trimmings

How_to_add_style_to_curtains_with_trimmings_and_tiebacksFringes, pompoms, braiding, trimmings, tassels, all beautifully tactile within interiors and have the added advantage of often giving furnishings a new lease of life. Trimmings bring style to your interiors, as well as being good fun.

Here are some inspiring ideas on how to use them:-

Curtain Trimmings: Bead & Pompom

Adding trimmings to the leading edges of curtains (the part of each curtain that is drawn together) gives older curtains a new lease of life, can pick up a colour or detailing in a new sofa perhaps, can add a little bit of width to the curtains if necessary, and makes them look resplendent with that little bit more detail.

Trimmings curtain

Choose from pompom trimmings (above) or bead trimmings (below).

trimmings blue


Curtain Trimmings: Fabric

Curtain trimmings can also be created from contrasting fabrics, these are especially a good idea if you wish to add length and width to an older pair of curtains when fitting them to a new window – or just to give them a new lease of life. This plain orange fabric certainly adds zest to these plain curtains.

Trimming plainThis fabric trimming is particularly sumptuous with the plain linen fabric.

trimming on linen

Spending extra on the trimmings if you wish to economise on the curtain fabric means they will still look luxurious and rich.

Curtains: Trim the Pleats

Trimmings can also add nice detailing to the headers of curtains. This one emphasises the shape of the valence too. Note the plain detailing red fabric down the full length of each side of the curtain too, a nice touch.trimmings headerThis tassel blue trimming, very light and delicate, adds a nice simple decorative touch underneath the goblet pleats of these curtains.


Roman Blind Trimmings

Roman blinds can be trimmed with plain or patterned fabric which adds detailing without any fuss.

trimming roman blind

Or add a feminine touch with delicate pompoms trimming:

roman blind pompoms

Or a sophisticated touch with a plain border and a tassel fringe in coordinating colours:

roman blind tassel

Curtain Tiebacks

Don’t forget the tiebacks. Not only do they hold back the curtains giving them an elegant shape and ensuring more natural light floods into the room, they also add the perfect finishing touch. As you might expect, they come in all colours, sizes, finishes and styles.

Trimmings tiebacks


The tiebacks should add embellishment to the curtains. These rope tiebacks may be plain but the colourful pompoms add zest and a sense of fun.

tiebacks romo

Whether you are designing or ordering new curtains, or considering how to add a new lease of life to existing ones, do consider how a simple trimming can make all the difference.

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