Garden Decking Price Survey

Garden Decking Price Survey
Hi folks,
today we carried out a garden decking price survey.   We asked some tradesmen on our website to give us some tips for installing decking and the prices involved.  Here are some replies we got below:-

Tony from Wexford: Hard wood the only way to go Cedar my preference with wooden rails.

Pawel from Wicklow: I’m using pressure treated wood. It is the cheapest and best option when it comes to wood. Artificial deck is more expensive and still stacked on wooden beams. Wooden deck works out at 113 euro per square metre.  You would use railings depending at the location, wooden railings are cheaper than other alternatives.

Dimitry  from Cavan: We normally get the boards for €13 – €38 each depending on softwood or hardwood.  We charge people on daily basis for fitting the decking, this works out around €145 per day.  We normally use iron railings, we have also used glass fitted between metal uprights.

Con from Dublin: The biggest thing i find with decking is the ribbed / channeled so called non slip surface.  In my experience I have found that water / moisture sits
in these channels and not only makes the deck slippier but also contributes
to premature rotting.  I prefer to fix the decking planks flat side up.

Robert from Wexford: I recommend a hardwood or a composite material with stainless steel glass combo for rails but it is all a lot more money!   For the cheapest it would be 40e per m.sq and most expensive =100e per m.sq supply and fit which is for the decking. Railings will go from simple softwood to hardwood, glass, s/steel, composite or maybe Hessian rope can be nice.  Prices vary from 34e per m to 340e supplied and fitted.

Dave from Wicklow: I use traditional grooved decking, it’s deal pressure treated,as joists are too. It’s a 4-8 metre length, about 10e a length. Chadwicks Hardwood is much more expensive and if not maintained properly it turns grey. Same with railings all deal pressure treated 4×4 posts n 2×2 spindles, handrail, base plate etc.  You can also go for glass and chrome railings but they are a lot more expensive.   An example price would be 12ft x 16ft treated deck and handrails €1,500. A lot depends on how much handrail, spindles etc. is it raised if so how many steps etc.

Jimmy from Dublin:  I’d always use treated timber decking with treated timber railings, and using proper screws, never nails. Number one recommendation for anyone getting a deck installed would be to maintain it well and often. Otherwise you’re wasting your time and money.

Paul from Meath:  Green treated decking is pressure treated and the best decking to use.  Iron railings are more durable and better to look at, however more expensive that timber.

Alan from Dublin:  Prices vary greatly depending on type of materials used and site preparation required but €9 per square foot would be a good average for treated softwood deck and railings.  For example a 12ft x 12ft deck would cost €1,300.


Here are some photos of decking ideas below:-

The picture below shows garden decking with a white wooden railing and decorative potted plants which provides a nice contrast.

Garden Decking with White Railing and Decorative Flower Pots

Garden Decking with White Railing and Decorative Flower Pots

The first picture shows a grooved floor board which helps prevent people slipping, especially when the boards are wet.

Garden Decking with Grooved Flooring

Garden Decking with Grooved Flooring

The picture below has seating arranged around the boundary of the decking which is a great way of creating a boundary or an enclosed area using seating instead of a railing.  Note the position of the lighting also.

Garden Decking with Seating as Railing or Boundary

The picture below shows a glass railing instead of a traditional wooden railing.  The advantage of this is that it gives more visibility into the garden, especially where the decking is elevated above the garden

Garden Decking with Glass Railing

Garden Decking with Glass Railing

I have included the picture below to show how you can use a stone wall as a boundary instead of a railing.  Note also, the wooden step at the side.

Garden Decking with Stone Bouhndary

Garden Decking with Stone Bouhndary


Well at least we can dream about this one!!

Garden Decking and Swimming pool

Garden Decking and Swimming pool

I hope this helps some of you who are interested in putting garden decking in your garden and hopefully it has given you some ideas as well.  If you do decide to go ahead with your garden decking job you can get a number of quotes from rated tradesmen by posting your job in our garden/landscaping section here

If you have any other comments or suggestions please feel free to comment below

Oliver Dempsey
12th June 2015

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  • tradesmen1

    Denis from Dublin sent us in the prices below for the floor boards. It doesn’t include the frame that the floor boards are nailed on to but it shows that the composite boards are about 3 times the price of the softwood boards when you take into account that they are shorter than the other boards:-


    1 LENGTH X 5.4MX100X44 ROUGH WHITE DEAL TREATED €9.83 incl

    incl VAT

  • Ferd Browne

    Yearly maintenance is a must…Otherwise it’ll get all gunky! The Irish climate can be fairly harsh on decking…

  • tradesmen1

    Good tip Ferd, thanks for that


  • Patrick Chesser

    Hello there, great to get the advice of so many registered tradesmen firstly! Secondly, what gardening tools could I use to help maintain my decking efficiently?

  • tradesmen1

    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your comments. I’m not an expert but my understanding is that it needs to be treated regularly with a wood preservative at the very least. If you have a decking that hasn’t been maintained in a while you could post a job at and these out doors types of tradesmen are good at the outdoors maintenance jobs or know where to find someone who can carry out this work.