What to ask a Builder when Building a House in Ireland

For those interested or planning to build a new house or home, getting everything right at the start is a must. You want something that you will be completely satisfied with and you certainly do not want the build take longer than it should.

You also do not want it costing more than originally planned so it is important to choose the right builder and ask important questions.

Some questions you could ask the person carrying out the build for you are:

  1. How long will it take to complete the build of the house?
  2. What price are they quoting?
  3. What kind of guarantee are they presenting for the build?
  4. How long have they been operating in this trade?
  5. What experience do they have?
  6. Do they have examples of their previous work?
  7. Have they any reviews or feedback from previous customers?
  8. Are there any hidden fees that may be charged?
  9. What hours and days will they be working on your build?
  10. Are all labourers skilled and qualified?
  11. Will the build be within all regulations?
  12. Are they insured?
  13. Have they had any negative feedback from customers or complaints?
  14. Do they have any after-build service for you when you are moving or moved in?
  15. Is planning permission required or any other permits?

Hopefully some of these questions will help you on your way to your new build and that you will be happy with the finished job.

If you need a builder or any other tradesman for a job you have in mind, check out Tradesmen.ie where you can get a number of quotes for your job.

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Daniel Beere

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  • http://www.brackfieldconsulting.com Kevin Brackfield

    You forgot the most important question to ask a builder – ‘Will your work be CERTIFIED for full compliance with Building Regulations’?
    This is not a luxury, it is law. If the builder cannot provide this for you then you will need to employ a structural engineer or an architect yourself. Don’t leave it for the builder to tell you this at the end of the project when it is too late…. I register a bias in the above as I am a structural engineer but I am getting more and more disenfranchised with the rubbish that has been built in this country. All too often my job is giving bad news to the poor, previously ripped off building owner which in some cases can be quite heartbreaking. – Kevin – Brackfield Consulting.