House Alarm Cost Survey

house alarm cost survey

Hi folks, recently we carried out a house alarm cost survey with a number of alarm installers on our website.  We asked them to let us know the rough price for installing or upgrading an alarm system in an average home.   We also asked them, if they had any tips for the customer to have a good experience with tradesmen.  We have included some of the replies below:-

Vincent from Dublin:  For a wired alarm 10 points your looking at around €800 plus vat.  For a wireless alarm with 10 points €1000.  You should also ask if they need self monitoring app, full garda monitoring and when they want the work done.

Eoin from Dublin:  Average 3 bedroom fully wireless 8 devices EUR880 nett.

Darren from Westmeath:  For a 3 bed house Standard alarm you are looking around €650.00. For a self monitored alarm with app around €750.00

Tips:  Do some research on what you are looking for if it is an alarm system, cctv or gate automation so you have an idea of what you want and ask questions when getting a quote.

Alex from Galway:  €1,200 for standard house alarm.  Window sensors are optional but would be recommended.

David from Dublin:  From €800 upwards.  Monitoring, CCTV all extra.  Be sure to get customer references prior to hiring.

Liam from Dublin:  €700 upwards.  Ensure that you know qualifications of the tradesman that you are hiring and remember that security lights are a cheaper alternative and are an effective deterrant if you are not in a position to pay for full alarm system.

Pierre from Dublin:  €900 – €1,400.  Always get references and evidence of PSA licence.  You get what you pay for – there are cheaper alarm systems but not always good.

Ian from Kilkenny:  Average Intruder Alarm Cost – 3 Bedroom Semi – 7 sensor system

Alarm control panel and keypad, Power fail battery and fused spur, External sounder and strobe, Internal sounder, Front door contact, Back door inertia contact, Hall PIR, Landing PIR, Front window, inertia sensor, Kitchen window inertia sensor, WC/toilet window inertia sensor.

Wired – €841 incl. vat @ 13.5% – Price based on the property been fully wired by others for these sensor positions and provision for connection to mains power

Wireless – €1’077 incl. vat @ 13.5% Price based on the property having provision for connection to mains power

Optional Alarm Control and Monitoring: Alarm control (set/unset/event log/omit) and alarm notification using a Smartphone app paid by direct debit in advance €150 incl. vat @ 21% per year

24/7 alarm monitoring by alarm central station with Garda notification/response and alarm control (set/unset/event log/omit) and alarm notification using a Smartphone app paid by direct debit in advance €220 incl. vat @ 21% per year Optional Alarm Control and Monitoring

Optional Alarm Maintenance Contract: Alarm maintenance including extended warranty, next business day 9-5 guaranteed service response paid by direct debit in advance €165 incl. vat @ 13.5% per year

Payment Terms: Maintenance and monitoring in advance by direct debit, Equipment & installation, 30% deposit and final payment on completion.  Payments can be made by cheque, cash, card or bank transfer.

Ian’s Tips: Communicate the following considerations: Do you have gun safe?  Will you need more than one user code – cleaners – tradesmen etc. – you can change these code in the user menus if it is setup this way.

Will you need a part set option? i.e. night set – home alone – note PIR are usually omitted in a part-set and doors are set to immediate alarm rather than entry/exit

If your windows have multiple openings do you want a contact on each opening or an inertia on the frame only or both?

You’ll need keyholders for a fully monitored alarm system, they will have to attend the property in the event the Garda are called – check this is possible.

Do you want smoke sensors or carbon monoxide sensors included as part of the alarm?  These will cost extra.

If the property is wired make a note of where the cables are and tell the installer so they can accurately price the alarm

Be available on the day of the installation for the handover and instruction

Mind your codes as these are not kept by the installations company and a panel reset if the code are lost will cost approx.. €200~€250  incl. vat @13.5%  Tell the installer if you in a busy traffic area as inertia sensors will not be suitable on traffic facing windows.


Well as you can see, there’s a lot of options when considering an alarm system for your home.  Our advice would be to get a number of quotes and get as much advice as possible so that you have an alarm system which suits your needs.

Don’t forget that an alarm installer must be PSA registered to install, upgrade or service an alarm in Ireland.  It is illegal for anyone to work with alarms unless they have a PSA license so please ask to see their PSA license with photo ID and/or check out their details at  It’s probably a good idea to choose a local installer so that if anything ever goes wrong with the alarm you need to know that your alarm installer can come out at short notice and fix it if necessary.

As with any job, make sure to get a detailed quote in writing before proceeding with the job and check whether the prices are inclusive or exclusive of VAT.   Please note that an alarm system is no substitute for having well secured doors and windows in your home so make sure that you ask a good locksmith to check your locks when you get a chance:)

I hope this helps some of you who are looking for alarm prices for installing or upgrading your alarm.  If you decide to go ahead with it you can get a number of alarm prices here and get up to 4 quotes fast from rated tradesmen!

Oliver Dempsey
12 December 2020

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