Be Safe In The Home This Christmas

Be safe in your home this Christmas

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat ….

We want you to have a safe and merry Christmas this year.  Sometimes with all the preparation and work to make sure everything is perfect, we forget to check for unexpected hazards and risks. Do have a read through our safety tips if only to reassure yourself that you’ve done everything you can to ensure everyone is well and safe over Christmas.

1. Candles

It’s lovely to light candles over Christmas and they make your home look really festive but do take care with them. Keep them out of the reach of children. As candles burn down, they may come into contact with flammable materials, for example, a candle placed on the mantelpiece may ignite Christmas cards or decorations displayed there.

Keep candles well away from curtains and paper chains and never place a candle on top of a TV set. Don’t forget to extinguish candles before leaving the room especially if going out or going to bed.

2. Oven Ready

Is your oven ready for Christmas? It is going to be working overtime and on for long periods? If it’s due a clean out, do it now as spilt deposits could ignite.

Children can be over excited and racing around on new toys. The house may be busier with adult visitors too. Take care when cooking especially when transporting hot items from the oven to the table and with pots boiling on the hob. Anyone not helping with the cooking should keep out of the cooking area of the kitchen.

3. Christmas Lights

Ensure that any Christmas lights displayed outside are suitable for outdoor use. All lights should be marked with a reputable safety standard. Don’t place the tree in a location that means there’s a long electric wire leading to it which could trip people up. Christmas lights can carry a strangulation risk for young children too. Don’t overload electric sockets and do unplug items when going to bed. It’s about taking time to stand back and check if there are any hazards there for young people.

4. Christmas Tree

If you have young children or pets, check your tree is secure and can’t be pulled over easily. Real Christmas trees can become dried out and hence are lighter and could be toppled more easily. A dry Christmas tree could also be a fire hazard.

5. Christmas Wrappings

Lots of discarded boxes and wrapping paper can be a fire hazard, bags could present a choking hazard to children. Items left lying around could cause someone to trip and fall. Burst balloons are dangerous too. Put discarded items in the rubbish or recycling bin so they are out of the way.

6. Smoke Alarms

Do your annual check on your smoke alarms. Never take the batteries out of a smoke alarm to put into a child’s toy so do stock up on batteries before Christmas Day.

7. Christmas Decorations

Small decorations could pose a choking hazard to young children. If some decorations are made of glass, check they aren’t in a position where people might brush off them and knock them to the ground, or young children can reach them. Christmas crackers can have small parts or sharp parts inside of them that may not be suitable for children.

We at wish you and yours a very safe and happy Christmas and all the best for 2018.

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