Using White Lights Creatively For Winter Cheer



It’s mid November, Thanksgiving is around the corner, towns are switching on Christmas lights over the next couple of weeks, there’s lots of discussion about the Christmas advertisements on television, you’ve added mince pies to your shopping basket and oops, they all seem to have disappeared – are you longing to get the Christmas decorations out but feel it is too early? I usually put the decorations up around 12th December and I wouldn’t dream of putting them up in November yet this year, I find myself longing for some bright and warm and slightly festive decorations for some winter cheer.

I like the idea of using some white string lights in a couple of rooms, they could even stay there for the entire winter. They’ll add to the Christmas decorations when I do put them up and are cheery enough to add some atmosphere without being deliberately festive.

Here are 8 creative ways to use white string lights in your home:

1. Under Glass

White lights under jar


Do you have glass domes, cloches or bell jars? Coiling up a string of white lights inside each one is simple yet will give a warm and friendly glow.

2. A Christmas Tree That Is Definitely Not A Christmas Tree …. but could be

white lights on branches


Use twigs or light branches to create a sculpture in the corner of the room and bring attention to it with white lights. It could even replace a Christmas tree if you wanted. Alternatively, drape lights around a larger branch if you can hang it over a dining table, for example, for soft atmospheric lighting.

3. Winter Warmth

white lights on fire


Do you have a fireplace that you only use at Christmas and for special occasions? Brighten it up with some carefully placed logs and a string of white lights. Simple but effective.

4. Ladder Lighting

white lights on ladderSource 

A wooden ladder isn’t just an accessory or a piece of furniture to use as a clothes horse, it can make a very attractive feature in a room, especially if draped with white lights.

5. Bedroom Romance

white lights bed


We may not all have four poster beds to drape white lights from (isn’t this lovely?) but a similar effect could be created by winding lights around a wooden headboard.

6. First Impressions

White lights lanterns


Brighten up your porch or hall by placing white string lights in hurricane lanterns. It makes for a more welcoming atmosphere too.

7. Mark Your Doorways

White lights doorway


Add attention to detail by draping lights around doorways. Smaller lights would create a more festive, traditional vibe.

8. A Mildly Festive Kitchen

white lights kitchen


Sometimes the kitchen is overlooked when it comes to Christmas decorating but the addition of some simple white string lights brightens up the space on those dark winter evenings.

Do be safe and ensure you don’t overload any sockets by plugging in too many sets of lights! Always switch them off when going to bed or leaving the house. What do you think of these ideas for using white lights to add atmosphere and yet you can’t be accused of being premature with your festivities?

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