Which Sofa? Which Armchairs? We Help You Decide

Which_Sofa__Which_Armchair_Traditionally, most families purchased three piece suites: a three seater sofa and two matching armchairs. Then the two piece sofa became fashionable and things started to mix up a little. If space permitted, some purchased a three piece sofa, a two piece sofa and a matching armchair. Others purchased a two piece and two armchairs – but still matching in style and colour.

It’s now about choosing chairs and sofas that you love, that suit your personality and your decorating style. Being eclectic is a positive.

Three Different Sofas & Two Armchairs

3 sofas and armchair


This is a large room to take three sofas and two armchairs comfortably but it’s able to do it. The look is cohesive with the main colours being creams and muted blues. It’s not overly busy as the design is muted but there’s lots of interest within the room with the different fabric patterns and the varying styles of sofa. Note the use of the large floor rug which is the item to unify all the pieces of furniture in this large room. No chair or sofa is on its own “as an island”. Therefore, no matter where people are sitting, they will all feel involved in the conversation.

Another advantage of this scheme is that if one sofa needs to be replaced, a new one won’t look out of place and it’s not as costly as replacing everything. The look can be altered significantly too by just changing one armchair or sofa.

Plain & Patterned Sofas

sofa plain and pattern


Two patterned sofas might be too busy in a room and two plain sofas, well, just might be too plain. One plain and one patterned brings interest and zing to the room without being overpowering.

Assortment of Seating

sofa and armchair


There’s a practical reason to having different styles of armchairs and sofas too. Sometimes older people prefer high hard-backed armchairs as they can find it difficult to get out of seating that is low or soft.

Sofa & Armchair in a Small Space

sofa in small area


A mixture of seating can work well within a small space. A comfortable sofa provides seating for two or three, the tidy armchair doesn’t take up much room and the padded stool provides an additional seat without blocking the view. It almost appears as a coffee table, thereby opening up the space.


Your seating styles and colour can create quite dramatic contrasts within your living room too.

sofa dark and light


The contrasts between light and dark, between the colder white and black and the warm earthy tones of the tan leather armchair, and of course, between the styles in the seating, work to make this a dramatic yet amicable space. The armchair also works to complete the circle meaning that it works well for conversation.

Colourful Single Armchair

sofa with yellow armchair


If you prefer a fairly muted colour scheme for most of the room but are brave enough for a pop of colour, then opt for a statement armchair. It’s not big enough to be overwhelming but will really inject personality and vivid colour into the room.

Informal Symmetry

sofa informal symmetry


This room is quite symmetrical with the matching mirrors and lampshades either side of the sofa. It would be quite formal if there were two matching sofas facing each other. It’s still quite traditional as the two armchairs face the sofa, and it works well for conversation, but the difference in style makes it more informal and relaxed.

I hope that has helped you decide what kind of sofas and armchairs you might like and best of luck in choosing the right ones for your home.

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