Dining Room Decorating: Blue or Red?

Dining_Room_Decorating_-_Blue_or_Red_Do you have a room that needs a makeover or even a fresh coat of paint? Whether the walls are grubby from children’s fingers or you need a change, redecorating a room can really make you feel happier every time you walk into it. It’s not always easy to choose a new colour for the walls or a new scheme though – particularly if you’ve decided 2016 is the year you’re going to be a little bit braver with your decorating.

Dining Room – Red or  Blue

Red has been famed as being the ‘best’ colour for dining rooms as it stimulates the appetite as well as conversation and is a lovely warm colour for evening dining. However, it all depends on things such as the colour of the woodwork, the furniture, if there is a carpet or a wooden floor, if there are fabrics and textures and yes, the lighting in the room.

red dining room

Source: Pinterest

 A red room teamed with too much white can be a little austere and may need warmer lights and textures to add different tones and warmth in the winter time.


Decor by Denise Dining Room

This red dining room has off whites rather than pure whites. While unfussy, the buttoned plain fabric in the chairs adds texture and the rug adds interest as well as cosiness underfoot. You can see how the extra detailing in the fabrics makes the room more welcoming.

red dining room formal


This red dining room is more traditional, mostly because of the furniture detailing, fabrics and accessorising. Which one do you prefer?

Blues, on the other hand,  have a reputation for being cold, for suppressing appetites and being too austere for an inviting atmosphere. It’s true that blues work well for calm and analytical thinking (such as  in boardrooms or studies) and work well with whites for a relaxed space in warmer climates so is it a good idea to decorate dining room walls in blue?

It all depends on a variety of factors: the shade of blue, whether the room is south or north facing, the amount of natural light, the colour of the furniture and indeed, the size of the room.

blue dining room

Source: Pinterest

This blue dining room, teamed with mahogany furniture and white panelling, has a dignified and sophisticated atmosphere. It’s warmed by the wood and the fabrics. I think it is beautifully elegant and welcoming.

blue dining room 2

Source: Pinterest

This dining room is paler and hence will feel cooler. The addition of some warmer tones (oranges perhaps) in accessories would warm the room in winter time.


Greenwich, CT

Detailing, such as the two tones in the fabric and wallpaper design, adds interest and warmth without being overpowering to this elegant blue dining room. The splashes of colour from the mixed blooms on the sideboard brighten it up too.

Which dining room do you like best? Can you see yourself decorating one of your own rooms in blue or red?

If you would like to redecorate but you have neither the time nor the patience to do it yourself, remember we can provide up to four quotes from rated decorators from our website.

I’ll be back next week to give you some ideas for decorating your spare bedroom in different colours and styles – all with an emphasis on making it welcoming for your guests.

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