Ten Ways To Make Your Home Safer and More Secure

10 Ways To Make Your Home Safer & More SecureAs Christmas nears, the weather is getting colder, there are threats of floods and it’s dark by 4:30pm every evening.  Have you considered how to make your home a safer and more secure space for you and your family?  Below we have listed ten ways to make your home safer and more secure:-

How To Make Your Home More Secure

1. Look around the outside of your home and analyse how you can deter any potential burglars. Having sensor lighting that comes on if someone walks towards the front of your house or around the side to the back means that you or neighbours can be alerted. Having gravel rather than a smooth surface means it would be difficult to walk quietly.

2. Many areas have neighbourhood watch or text alert systems in place. Adding a sticker to your window can deter anyone snooping around.

3. Don’t advertise that you are going away and that the house will be empty. It’s very easy to share photos from your holiday on social networking sites but bear in mind that you’re telling people your home is vacant.

4. Having an alarm system will help to deter burglars but don’t tempt them by leaving valuables in sight of the front windows if you can help it.

5. Make sure your doors and windows have strong locks and that they are kept locked. Don’t leave spare keys outside under a plant pot or a door mat even if you have an alarm system. Instead, get extra keys cut and leave them with neighbours or friends close by.

6. Take care with anything that could cause a fire over the Christmas season: examples would include leaving candles lit, leaving your Christmas tree lights on when you are away or at night and lots of wrapping paper or other flammable material left lying around.

7. Be careful with open fires and wood stoves – use a fire guard as appropriate and don’t stack too high in case a stick falls out and rolls onto a rug.

8. Children tend to get over excited at Christmas so encourage them to remember to walk not run particularly when going up and down stairs.

9. Have a good supply of batteries for toys, never be persuaded to take one from a smoke alarm even on a temporary basis, and ensure that you have tested the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms regularly. Keep a small fire extinguisher on each floor of the house and a fire blanket in the kitchen.

10. If you’re away for a few days, invest in a timer so lights go on and off. It could be worthwhile setting your radio alarm so the radio comes on for an hour too and will sound as though someone is inside.

We’d like to wish you a very happy, peaceful and safe Christmas from all at Tradesmen.ie and if you would like up to four quotes for any work for your house or garden either before Christmas or in 2016, you can apply for the quotes on our website.

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