Do I need planning permission?

Do I need planning permission?Hi folks,
I had this question from one of our users this morning and I thought it would be nice to share it with you.  It is in relation to whether planning permission is needed to build an extension on the back of a house, see below:-


Hi my name is Brendan.  I have used your service before to get a wall
I am thinking of getting a sun room built  size 18 foot x 12 foot  with a
Toilet & washhand baisin.  I have already have an extension  with 2 b/rooms, bathroom, kitchen & garage
Would i need  planning permission  or is their a maximum sq.footage allowed to build on to an original house
If you could answer this,  I would be looking to get 1 of your tradesmen to
Quote for the job



Hi Brendan,
In relation to your extension here is some information that you can see on the Irish Statute Book website (S.I. No. 600/2001 — Planning and Development Regulations, 2001) that might give you some idea.

Paragraph 1(a) states that, “Where the house has not been extended previously, the floor area of any such extension shall not exceed 40 square metres”.

Paragraph 1(b) states that, “Subject to paragraph (a), where the house is terraced or semi-detached, the floor area of any extension above ground level shall not exceed 12 square metres.”

Paragraph 1(b) states that, “Subject to paragraph (a), where the house is detached, the floor area of any extension above ground level shall not exceed 20 square metres.”

As you can see above in Ireland there are different rules depending on whether the house is a bungalow, terraced or semi detached.

You can see full details on the Irish Statue Book here

You can also find more useful information about planning permission on the citizens information website here

Remember that the best place to check is with your local authority when planning any type of extension, alteration or change of use for your home or business premises.    And when you are ready to proceed with your sunroom make sure to get quotes for your sunroom on our get quotes page

Hope this helps

Oliver Dempsey

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