College Students: How to Save Electricity

If your in College and living off-campus, saving electricity is a must. It can make a big difference and it doesn’t take much to save those extra few euros. Here a couple of things you should try out . . .

  1. Don’t leave lights on when you don’t need to. This is pretty obvious but yet it is one of the most common faults students make. Just turn off the switch and you’ll be saving a lot of watts of power.
  2. Try to use natural light, especially on longer days. Leave the curtains open for that extra while longer to save using electricity on lights or if studying you should use the library. It will save you using your electricity and help you study in the meantime. Its a win-win situation.
  3. Turn off the immersion when you are finished. When heating up water to take a shower or bath, turn it off immediately when you are finished and try to avoid leaving it on for hours prior to using it. It only takes approximately 30 minutes or so for the water to heat up.
  4. Don’t leave your fridge open. On those early mornings for lectures, many students don’t even realize that they left the fridge door open. After a quick cup of tea or a bowl or cereal, its out the door to class, but try check that the fridge door is fully closed before you leave.
  5. Try to avoid using heaters in your room. Although it may be very cold at night, especially coming into the winter months, electric heaters use a lot of electricity. Maybe try bringing a hot-water bottle to bed instead, or wear an extra layer of clothing.
  6. If you happen to accidentally break a light-bulb, be sure to replace it but try those energy saving and energy efficient light-bulbs, they do actually work and are not that expensive either.
  7. Try not to leave the heating on in the house when you are not there. During the day when you are at class, set the timer on your heating so that it does not come on. You can then preset the times you want the heating on and have the house nice and warm for you after a long hard day in College.

If you have any suggestions on how to save electricity, feel free to comment below and let us know. Or if you need any help around your home, check out and you’ll be sure to find a tradesman that will be more than happy to help you out.

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