How to Spring Clean your Garden

cleaning tree limbs7th March 2012.

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With Spring off to an early start in Ireland this year it’s a good time to get out into your garden and take on the mess from the winter! It’s also a great time to get your garden cleared and ready for planting for a nice outdoor space in the summer months that you and your family can enjoy.

The first thing is clearing away the dead plants from winter and mowing the lawn. Next thing is to cut back any plants that keep their leaves in winter such as evergreen or semi evergreen plants so cutting them back in the spring will encourage new growth.

The Spring is the best time to remove any weeds as the soil is still damp and the roots are easier to pull from the ground.  The dead plants, weeds and grass can then be put into your compost containers.

For most plants the Spring is their initial growth burst (once temperatures get to 12 degrees Celsius or more) so add some compost to encourage the plants.  This is also the best time for dividing or transplanting because once the weather turns mild they will be quick to grow with the fine weather and rich soil topped up with new compost.

Now is also a good time to ‘edge’ the flower beds from the lawn.  Use a string and two pegs to create a straight edge and use a spade to cut the straight edge of the grass around.  Edging not only makes the garden look clean and tidy but also prevents the lawn growing into your flower beds.

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