Growing your own Kitchen Garden!

growing your own vegetablesHello everyone and welcome to our blog on how to create your own kitchen garden!

Vegetable growing has now become more popular with reported sales of seeds now overtaken flowers! Heres some helpful advice on how to get started growing your own veggies!

First thing to consider is where to put your vegetable patch, choose somewhere with easy access in a nice sunny spot with level ground. Next is what to grow, early potatoes and broad beans are easy to grow, sweet corn can also be bought at garden center’s as plants to get you started. Leeks are anther good one that are easy from seed and easy to transplant as well. Radishes are a fast growing crop and ideal for the beginner.

Herb gardens are also easy for the novice to grow and can be grown from seed or bouht pre planted at garden stores. Next is the layout of your veggie garden. Pots are ideal for window sills or balconies with such vegetables as tomatoes, thyme, basil and parsley.

Small plots would be ideal for lettuce, french and runner beans can grow up trellises or strung up on wooden fences. In larger garden you could take a plot and split it into individual beds divided by paths for walking to be able to apply compost, water and fertilizers when necessary and also to allow crop rotation.(rotating the vegetables you plant from year to year)

When you get started remember to feed and water your vegetables especially when they are seedlings, watering is best first thing in the morning or early evening. You should also protect against pests and diseases such as insects and weeds. Pests and diseases will attack weaker unhealthy plants first so try and keep your produce healthy as can be! Growing your own vegetables and herbs is also trial and error before you learn the better produce to grow, where and how to take care of them properly. So just keep at it and before long you will have your own vegetable wonderland!

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