Electricity Prices Ireland July 2011

Electricity Prices Ireland(Oct 2011, prices have changed, please see latest electricity price comparison here)

With all the talk in the news last week about a hike in electricity prices
we decided to carry out our own price comparison on electricity prices in Ireland
(well we help to compare prices for tradesmen so why not help you save money
on electricity as well!:)). We wanted to see what the price difference was between
the 3 main suppliers to the Irish market i.e. ESB Electric Ireland, Airtricity
and Board Gais. We based our calculations on the standard rate for each supplier.
There are many different tariffs and although we show only 2 categories in our
comparison, the differences were pretty much the same for all categories. Therefore
the most expensive supplier in the standard category turned out to be the most
expensive in all of the other categories that we looked at as well.

Electricty Price in cent Price in cent
Residential per KwH inc VAT per KwH inc VAT
Standard Saving Plans
Per Units
Board Gais 17.92 15.41
ESB Electric 16.00 14.60
Airtricity 16.00 13.77

Table 1

As you can see in table 1 Board Gais is the most expensive on both Standard
and Saving plans at almost 2cent per unit higher than both ESB Electric and
Board Gais on the Standard tarriff.

Using 600 units
Usage Standing Charge Total
Board Gais € 107.52 € 19.22 € 126.74
ESB Electric € 96.00 € 17.16 € 113.16
Airtricity € 96.00 € 19.41 € 115.41
Using 600 units
Usage Standing Charge Total
Board Gais € 107.52 € 25.63 € 133.15
ESB Electric € 96.00 € 22.88 € 118.88
Airtricity € 96.00 € 25.13 € 121.13
Using 1200 units
Usage Standing Charge Total
Board Gais € 215.04 € 19.22 € 234.26
ESB Electric € 192.00 € 17.16 € 209.16
Airtricity € 192.00 € 19.41 € 211.41
Using 1200 units
Usage Standing Charge Total
Board Gais € 215.04 € 25.63 € 240.67
ESB Electric € 192.00 € 22.88 € 214.88
Airtricity € 192.00 € 25.13 € 217.13

Table 2

As you can see in Table 2 the standing charges are very similar for all 3 suppliers
but Board Gais works out the most expensive in all the examples above.

At 600 Units At 600 Units
Urban Total Rural Total
Board Gais € 126.74 € 133.15
ESB Electric € 113.16 € 118.88
Airtricity € 115.41 € 121.13
At 1200 Units At 1200 Units
Urban Total Rural Total
Board Gais € 234.26 € 240.67
ESB Electric € 209.16 € 214.88
Airtricity € 211.41 € 217.13

Table 3

Table 3 is a summary of the information in Table 1 and Table
2. Again it shows that Board Gais is the most expensive in our July 2011 comparison
(ok August 1st) costing up to €24 more than ESB Electric and Airtricity for 1200
units of electricity for 2 months which works out at about €144 per annum. ESB Electric is 2 to 3 euro cheaper than Airtricity according to our calculations above which probably isn’t enough to make you want to switch but if you are with Board Gais it looks like you’d be better off to switch to one of the others.

It is important also to make the point that nomatter
which provider you are with that you should switch to direct debit and online
billing (ebill) to avail of the maximum savings from all suppliers. You can save
up to 14% per annum using ebill and direct debit with Airtricity (price reduces
to 13.77 cent per unit) and up to 14.25% with ESB Electric (price reduces to 3.72
cent per unit). On the examples above you can save up to €180 per annum
by switching to direct debit and online billing.

Oliver Dempsey

E&OE. Prices were taken from the supplier websites on 15 July 2011.  If you have any comments to make please feel free to so below.

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  • Daniel Kirwan

    Excellent article guys, I still think there’s not enough competition in the electricity market, it needs to be opened up to more competitors, how much are these companies paying for the electricity, thats what I’d like to know

  • michael nolan

    Just to let you know my rates for Bord Gais are as follows.
    Standing charge 15.12 for 60 days. You say 19.22
    Unit charge 14.40 per unit with discount. You say 15.41.
    This is for the july period based on 613 units used.
    Your figures may need re-checking.
    Michael N

  • Kathleen Hennessy

    That’s really disappointing, I only changed to Bord Gas recently because they were cheaper than ESB, will have to change back now:-(

  • admin

    Hi Michael, sorry I should have said that the Boird Gais figures will apply from August 1st, we got the prices from this page,
    to see them click the plus sign beside, ‘What are the new tariff rates from 1st August 2011?’

    Just to mention that someone from ESB Electric has been on to point out that their 6% discount is applied on top of the Super Saver price which wasn’t very clear on their website. I will update that in the next hour


  • Anon

    You say these are the prices for Bord Gais from August 1st so I am assuming they are cheaper now (due to the recent increase announcement). It has also been announced that Airtricity and ESB are going to introduce increases as well but the amount has not been announced yet so it seems this is a very unfair analysis. I think I will wait and see the price increases for the other 2 providers before I decide which is best.

  • Deirdre Flannery

    Bloody robbers all of them if you ask me, why is our electric more dearer than anywhere else in Europe?

  • admin

    Hi folks,
    I have updated the article now with the clarifications from ESB Electric. Thanks everyone for your comments, I don’t know why our electricity prices are higher than in Europe, maybe someone else can answer that question. In relation to the other suppliers putting up their prices, there is a possibility that it may happen, we’ll do another comparison in August and post it on this page. You can bookmark this page in your browser by clicking CTRL+D.


  • gerry canavan

    lets see the differences after increase.like a previous writer said Bord Gas are coming in at a fairly even price at the moment ..i am with them and i will be having a look at the 3 of them later.
    It would be good if we could compare ours and then with the average in europe-i realize it might take a lot of extra work but why not.It will enlighten users that they are being fleeced when it comes to paying for electricity. Very good site .



  • admin

    Hi Gerry,
    that sounds like a good plan, we’ll come back in a months time and have another look at it. Hopefully we’ll help people save money on their electricity as well as saving money on their home improvements:) Thanks for the comments


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  • Olivia

    Hey guys,

    Delighted with that comparison chart. I’m with Bord Gais about 2 years and initially did find them cheaper than ESB but not anymore so I am changing. I actually had a guy from Bord Gais out to do a survey recently who told me that ESB
    Electric Ireland are the cheapest at the moment and to change to them!

  • admin

    Hi Olivia,
    thanks for your comments, have a look at our most recent article here