How to Remove Wallpaper and Decorate your Home

Spending a small amount of both time and money painting and decorating your house can be incredibly valuable. Even though painting and decorating may not add a large amount of worth to your home it should definitely benefit by making it far more sale-able.

As there is various DIY renovation shows on Television many individuals have shun away from wallpapering, this is could be due to the reality that some of these shows have limited time to complete the job at hand. So painting is often favoured over wallpapering as it is a lot faster and easier to carry out.

If you do plan to decorate your home and some of your walls are covered with wallpaper then you should be careful when taking away wallpaper seeing that if you grasp the scraper at the wrong angle you might harm the plaster at the back, creating additional effort for you. Regularly pieces of the plaster is separated from the wall with the wallpaper but if the harm is not too much you can easily patch mend the wall instead of carrying out an entire re-skim!

A process of taking away wallpaper that is often used is to compose a combination of warm water, some washing up liquid and something to thicken the combination (wall paper adhesive is could be best)

Combine the warm water, washing up liquid and your substance of choice to thicken, try to avoid mixing a lot of wallpaper paste as the liquid can often become too thick and it might not soak in as well as it should. Prior to commencing it is an excellent thought to protect the carpet and/or floor totally with something waterproof or if not a couple of sheets could be used.

Using waterproof gloves place the combination on the wallpaper beginning at the peak of the wall and allow it to flow down. Carry this out on all walls that are covered with wallpaper that you wish to get rid of and let it soak in for as a minimum 20 minutes. Attempt to remove some of the wallpaper with a scraper but if it does not scrape off straightforwardly then you can do again the soaking procedure pending the wallpaper can be separated with no trouble.

If still have trouble with this you could search for a Tradesman. Go to and get a number of free quotes for your job.

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