DIY in the Summer. . . Rain or Shine

DIY jobs for the SummerA lot of people during the summer months want to be outside for as long as possible. Whether it’s relaxing in the Sun, chilling by the pool or sleeping in the hammock, the summer and being outside really do go hand in hand . . . well weather permitting anyway. Some DIY projects may feel like a dead end chore but some are also good ways of staying on top of things.

As we live in Ireland, not every day is a sunny day. It’s odd how some days we find ourselves using an umbrella to shade away from the sun and other times we are using it to shelter from the rain. I guess that’s the Irish weather for you. However, we could use this as a way to organize our DIY projects. Maybe make a list of things you want to get done outside while the weather is good, and for when you’re stuck in doors, that’s when you can tackle those inside jobs. It’s good to remember though, that your list shouldn’t have to consist of boring tasks, try doing things that are enjoyable and fun as well.

Sunny Day Projects:

Get outside and work on your Garden! Everybody enjoys a nice cut lawn and the smell of freshly cut grass on a summer’s day. If your lawn is slightly bare, how about planting some extra grass seeds? Then you can move on to getting rid of some of those over grown shrubs and planting some fresh garden flowers to add some colour to the area. This can be great exercise for you also!

Try touching up anything that needs it, such as painting, varnishing, or mending. It’s vital that you constantly repair and maintain your property in case things get on top of you and it spirals out of control. Being outside is also a great way of getting a healthy looking tan while also getting those jobs out of the way, not to mention the Vitamin D which the body can manufacture from the help of the sun.

How about building an outdoor shed or that decking that has always been on your mind? If your useful at that kind of stuff, there are plenty of resources online to give you a hand such as Google and YouTube or I’m sure wherever you purchase your materials, the people there could help you out. If not, check out and I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone helpful.

Rainy Day Projects:

Okay, this is the ‘tough, takes hours to do but must be done’ job. Basically, clean out all that stuff that you never use anymore. Whether its old clothes, ornaments, furniture, whatever, but if you don’t use them then what’s the point of having all that clutter around?  We all work better in a clutter free environment. Try clearing out one room a day, and then when you’re in the swing of things take on the almighty garage and attic. Throw out any damaged goods and maybe donate other things to those that may benefit from them.

Get on top of those small jobs in around the house. Perhaps the living room needs a fresh coat of paint or maybe you could change the colour altogether or even apply wallpaper instead. A new picture on the wall, maybe new carpet or curtains or even try rearranging the furniture to try change the place up. It’s always interesting to try something new.

Finally, it’s always important to be organized. Spend an afternoon or two sorting out all that paperwork. Maybe there are still some bills hanging around that still need to be taken care of under all that clutter. Try tidy up the documents on your computer and get rid of those unwanted emails. All of this will benefit in the future and help you while working in a cleaner area.

Once you have all or most of you DIY projects completed, go for that holiday away for a few days or that snooze on you hammock outside. Hope this blog was useful to you all. If you have any comments, feel free to share them. Have a safe and Enjoyable Summer. Regards,

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