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As the weather is becoming colder, the thoughts of winter may be creeping in and maybe this is a good time to prepare your garden for the cold season. Although not too much activity goes on in the garden during the winter, it is still vital to take care and protect your plants from the freezing weather.

Having a list can help you stay on top of things and remind you of the what jobs have to be done and which are the most important.

It may be a good idea to plan which plants you wish to plant in spring and remove any plants to make room or plants that you know will not survive the harsh winter conditions. If you do want to plant some new plants now, be sure that they are sturdy and are capable of lasting through the cold. It is also a good to remove any weeds and dead leaves as there is a chance that some of these may hold infections or insects that could damage your garden.

Be sure to water plants also. Many people do not, as they believe there is enough moisture during the season to support plants or that some water may freeze and harm them. What you should do is water the soil of the plant as this way the water can seep down and feed the roots. Mulch also works well to keep plants warm by spreading a layer of it over your garden or plants, this should help them survive throughout the winter, as well with a bit of TLC. 🙂

If you need any help with your garden, you can log on to and find a tradesman that would be more than happy to help you.

Here is a good video with some very good advice . . .

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