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Hey Folks,

Hope all is well. First off, I’d like to say, Welcome to our Blog. This is a new Project we set for ourselves, to create some interesting content and try to interact more with our customers and those who use our service on

So to kick things off, I am happy to announce that has been shortlisted for the Final of the O2 Business Competition. This was a contest organized by O2 and the O2 Idea’s Room, where it invited businesses to submit a 140 character sales pitch. Fortunately, we were chosen and we are now in with a chance of winning 50,000 Euro worth of Prizes for our business. This would be incredible if we managed to win as it would help us feel rewarded for all the hard work that everyone here at has put in over the past.

Our sales pitch was, “Want to save time and money on tradesmen and trade professional services? Get up to 4 quotes and compare prices on”.

A brief description was then also provided, “ is an interactive service that lets home and business owners request quotes for jobs advertised over the web.  It helps tradesmen locate work for the areas in which they are interested. Customers and tradesmen are than matched based on locality, skills, and requirements”.

The 50,000 Euro prize consists of:

€21,500 worth of media space in The Star.

€6,000 worth of O2 office land-line & fixed broadband and mobile services

€7,000 worth of advertising creative services

€5,000 worth of digital consultancy

€5,000 worth of on-line creative and development of your own blog

€2,000 worth of public relations consultancy

€3,500 worth of hospitality at The O2, Dublin

It would be an honor to win such a prize and already we are very proud that we have reached this far. But since we are this close, why stop now? I was always told, there’s no point doing something only half done. So, if you have a minute and would like to vote for us, it would be much appreciated. You can Vote here.

Thanks very much. Let’s hope all goes well, so until next time, Good luck.


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