Beware – Stolen Van and Tools

We got an email from a builder in Cobh in Co. Cork last week to ask us to warn other tradesmen about stolen vans and tools. Please see a copy of his email below. Cars are equally at risk. Please be as vigilant as you can. Try and keep your vehicle in a secure place and consider installing one of those GPS tracking devices that can warn you if your vehicle is moved or send details of where it is located:-

“Hi Oliver, I just wanted to send this email to just let tradesmen in the cork area and probably all over Ireland as well about a gang going around the last few weeks in cork area targeting vans with tools. My own van was stolen on Saturday night from my house while we were gone away for the night, there was no broken glass or neighbours saw or heard nothing, the gardai say they have an electronic device to bypass ignition keys etc. I also have a trailer which I happened to leave unlocked which they left behind so they just seem to be targeting vans and tools. Luckily my van is insured but tools were not so I’m down 8000-10000 so lessons learned. This may be obvious also but don’t keep cash or cheques over night in van, I had cash in van about 500. Bank details, driving licence etc so a lot of hassle to get things cancelled order new etc. A hit of that much money is hard to take especially with banks not lending to buy again.
Thanks Declan”

Since we sent this email to the tradesmen that use our service we have had a huge response with other tradesmen reporting similar incidents and some offering some good advice. Below I have listed some of their comments; hopefully they might be of help in preventing this from happening to others.


“After a break-in in last year I invested in slam locks for the rear doors of the vans and purchased Cheap GPS units to monitor their every move. There is a guy in Meath who does the Slam Locks which a very high security. Might be worth a mention – “
Jason D


“Too late for me Oliver, they cleaned my van out last Christmas in Clonee D15. No joy with the guards or the insurance. €3,500 in tools €900 in a new lock and door damage, plus lost my no claims on the van for the door damage. Van insurance  is now €750… so frustrating, reported it to the guards they didn’t even call to look at the van. I blame the people who buy the stolen tools as much as the gang in the van going around robbing them. How low can a man get robbing the tools that a man needs to do a days work. I would recommend fitting better dead locks for the back of the van which can’t be opened with the central locking switch in the front of the van.”
Paul F


“Hello Oliver, I also had my van & tools stolen in Dublin 7, it was not secure, but it was old & so were the tools, luckily my most regular tools were on a job, still an immobilizer is necessary.”
Mick M


That’s all for the moment, I hope this information helps and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to get back to me on it

Kind Regards
Oliver Dempsey

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