Door locks explained most common types, features etc.

With crime on the increase in Ireland, locks are becoming an essential component for homeowners across the nation. According to The Irish Times, 28th September 2012, the rate of non-aggravated burglaries has shot up by 10% since 2011, as the economic recession continues to thrive. Today we provide for you the three most common types of door locks in Ireland, giving a brief description for each:

1)   Mortise deadlock: A single bolt lock which is inserted into a hole, the mortise, which has been cut into the edge of the door. These locks are all the same size, meaning that an old two- lever mortise dead lock can be replaced by a new five lever model of exact same size. A five lever lock will cost more but provides better security than a two or three lever lock.      

 5 lever mortise deadlock






2)   Sashlock: Joins a latch and bolt and has a handle either side of a door. These locks are mainly fitted to back or side doors. This lock only contains two or three levers, giving weaker security in comparison to the deadlock










3)   Cylinder nightlatch: This lock goes onto the rim of the door with a latch turned back by a key from the outside and a handle from the inside. Decent standard models of these locks have the British Standards Institution and BS 3621 written on them. These locks can be easy for burglars to open because if they break the glass in the door, they can just reach in and turn the latch. If locking from inside, always ensure that the key is kept near the door in case of a fire.

cylinder nightlatch

In general you will pay more for the better locks.  The cheaper locks will cost between €10 and €20 to buy whereas the more secure locks will cost from €50 upwards.  Therefore it is important when getting quotes from locksmiths to ensure that they are all quoting you for the same standard of lock.

The usual rules apply with selecting a locksmith for the job, make sure to get references, insurance details and any other information that you need to make sure that you are totally happy with the locksmith that you choose.  Getting advice and quotes from a number of locksmiths ensures  that you get the most information to make an informed choice.   Always check whether the prices are inclusive or exclusive of VAT.

I hope this helps some of you who are looking at door locks for your home and if you decide to go ahead with updating your locks you can get a number of locksmith quotes here and get up to 4 quotes fast from rated tradesmen!

Conor Hogan
2 November 2012

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