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tradesmen TV ShowHi folks,

I am delighted to let you know about an exciting TV Show which is looking for tradespeople and trade professionals who are fluent Irish speakers and who are interested in learning how to be creative with their skills to develop an original piece of art under the guidance of well known Irish artists.  It is hoped that the publicity gained from the show could act as a springboard to launch a successful new business career.  It is a 6-part Arts series that will air on TG4, where they will take 6 well-known Irish artists from the areas such as painting, sculpture and glass, and pair them with skilled non-artists for the series. The non-artist will then produce their own piece of original art under the guidance of the artistic mentor. All contributors must be fluent Irish speakers.

They are seeking to put together a list of trades people, trade professionals, or people who have gained practical skills and experience in another field.  These people would have to be interested in, and also suitable to participate in the TG4 arts series ‘Tat Nó Tate’. The thinking behind the series is simple, they want to put that claim, dreaded by all artists, to the test; and that is ‘I could better than that myself.’ 🙂

Each programme will have a participant or tradesperson who has expertise in an area of work not directly related to the arts but that could still be quite creative (e.g. carpentry, building, stonemasonry, welding), paired off with an established and well-known Irish artist. The artist will mentor this person, and also assist them in unlocking their inner-artist and in gaining the skills and methods needed to produce a work of art. The end result will be a piece of original art, produced by the non-artist, that will be evaluated by highly respected critics, artists and gallery owners from the world of the Irish arts.  They are looking for people to take part who are genuinely interested in giving this project a go, and who may even use it as a means of opening new doors for themselves from a career point of view.

Many tradespeople and trade professionals are faced with projects that require deep thought, planning, preparation and creativity, and it is felt that the similarities in their everyday tasks would contribute extremely well to those required to produce original art.

If you are interested or know anyone who is interested please contact us at and we will pass on your details to the researcher.


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    Hi Vasile, thanks for your comments. Please note that you must be a fluent Irish speaker to apply to take part in the program