Solar Energy

solar panelsHello everyone and welcome to the fifth article in our series of home energy savings tips! This week we will be looking at solar energy:

The suns energy can be harnessed to provide a free source of heat in any house. Materials such as glass, tubing and solar panels capture the suns energy and can be used to supplement a homes heating.

Solar panels are fixed on a house’s roof to capture the suns energy and will even work on overcast days. The panels on the roof capture the suns energy and the tubing within the panels contains a liquid which the sun heats, this liquid transfers the heat to water held in the house’s tank.

A home will need a backup heat source along with solar energy to produce hot water so that if the solar panels don’t produce sufficient heat, the other heat source will be available to account for the shortfall. Using solar energy for home heating can reduce a homes heating requirement by up to 80%. They have an approximate lifespan of 30 years.

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