Interview with Gas Fitter and Bathroom Fitter / Installer in Dublin

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Recently, we caught up with one of our Top Rated Tradesmen on, Aidan Dunne, for a few questions.

What are the most common jobs that you do? “Well, I suppose in the winter its upgrades of heating systems and boilers which is kind of seasonal and then in the summer it’s bathroom suites, showers, etc.”

What do you think are the most important skills are when installing a bathroom? “To know and have an idea of the products you are using, obviously you have to strip out the bathroom, as well as the first fixing and second fixing, the materials you’re using  to be familiar with them, different types of suites that go in, to know what the other trades will need, and to make sure you put in all the pipe work.”

How long would it normally take to install a bathroom? “A bathroom, you would first fix it in a day if you were not moving things around and then you would second fix it in a day or day and a half depending on the size of the bathroom.”

Would the customer choose the style or would you help with that? “Well with the Internet, some people can look at what they could have and have a lot more knowledge as compare to say 10 years ago but we can do either a complete service  i.e. tiling, the whole lot, or just put in the suites themselves and give them advice and send them up to show rooms and they can see them kitted out which gives them a better idea.”

And would you be able to supply the products that are needed? “Yes we do a complete service from start to finish, tiling, plastering, electrical, plumbing, the whole lot or some people might just want us to do the plumbing end of things”

To hear the rest of this interview, it was recorded and can be heard here.

Thanks a million to Aidan Dunne, one of our Top Rated Tradesmen on, for his time and a great interview.

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