Explore the Enhanced Ease of Tradesmen.ie: A Redesign with Your Convenience in Mind!

Tradesmen new homepage
Welcome to the new era of Tradesmen.ie! We are thrilled to unveil our revamped website, meticulously redesigned to enhance your experience while maintaining the familiar layout you’ve grown to trust. Our goal? To make your journey through our site on mobile, tablet, and desktop not just smoother but also more intuitive.

Revamped Design, Retaining Familiarity: Our new design blends innovation with comfort. While introducing a fresh, modern look, we’ve taken care to retain the familiar layout. This means you can still navigate the site with the ease you’re accustomed to, but with a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing interface. Whether you’re browsing on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, our responsive design ensures a seamless experience across all devices.

Enhanced Features for Everyone:

  • Home: Our updated homepage provides a more engaging and informative gateway, enabling you to efficiently accomplish your tasks or delve into articles, support resources, and helpful guidelines.
  • Get Quotes for Your Job: This essential feature remains a cornerstone of our service, now more user-friendly, allowing you to quickly and easily obtain quotes for any job.
  • Register as a Tradesman: For our tradesmen, the registration process has been simplified. It’s now more straightforward to join our ever-growing community.
  • Browse Trades by Category: We’ve enhanced this section to make it more responsive and easier to navigate, helping you find the right professional for your job without any hassle.

Additional Key Sections:

  • User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Cookie Preferences: We prioritize your privacy and transparency in how we handle your data. Our policies are now even more accessible than before and give you more granular control of your settings.
  • About Us: Learn more about how our site works, who we are and why we do what we do.  You can also view some user feedback on our service.
  • Browse Latest Jobs: This section allows tradesmen to quickly discover available jobs while offering customers insights into posted projects and inspiration for their own endeavors.
  • Contact Us / FAQs: Have questions? Our enhanced Contact Us and FAQs sections offer improved accessibility, especially for mobile users. There’s a section for home owners and one for tradesmen.
  • Tradesman Dashboard: A smoother login experience awaits our tradesmen, ensuring you’re connected to potential jobs with minimal effort.

The new Tradesmen.ie website is more than just a facelift. It’s a commitment to our users – homeowners and tradesmen alike – to provide an efficient, user-friendly platform that meets your needs. We invite you to explore the enhanced ease of Tradesmen.ie and experience firsthand how our redesign has your convenience in mind.  Click here to post a job or click here to register as a tradesman.

Oliver Dempsey
22 January 2024

About Oliver Dempsey

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