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in past security related articles we looked at 1. Different types of locks for the home, 2, Free ways to prevent a burglary in the home and 3. Tips for choosing an Alarm System for your home.  Today we provide you with a few simple tips on CCTV/security cameras for the home(by the way these tips can equally apply to businesses so if you have a business please read on).  First of all let’s look at three very common types of CCTV Camera in Ireland including a brief description of each:

1) Dome cameras
This camera is either ceiling mounted or suspended from a wall mounted bracket, Dome Camera CCTV Cameradepending mainly on the field of view required. One main distinction of this camera is the camera itself is positioned inside a transparent dome which, if tinted, may not be noticed by an intruder. Another speciality of this camera is that it can be upgraded to specialise thermally for night vision, be equipped with infrared illuminators (a red dot) or they can be made specialise for daytime use only.  The dome camera is one of the most versatile types of camera.  Many dome cameras offer 3-axis mounting.  This mounting allows you to mount vertical, horizontal and diagonally.  Prices range from €49 to €250

2) Bullet camera
A type of video camera mainly used in surveillance systems, ‘bullet’ describing what its Bullet Cameradesign looks like. Bullet cameras are small (2 to 2.5 inches long) and can be very effective as they can be placed in small areas easily. While bullet cameras are good for small spaces, the images may have cut-off corners because of the camera’s miniature size and design, which interferes with the operating of the camera lens.  The bullet camera is very versatile because the mounting bracket can swivel horizontally, and vertical adjustment can be made by adjusting a screw or bolt.  One thing to consider before installing a bullet camera is how high or low you will mount it.  If you have to mount the camera less than 10 feet above ground and are concerned about vandalism, then consider a different style camera.

Prices range from €195 to €495

3) Fake security cameras
Similar to the dummy alarms from our previous blog, These ‘dummy’ Dummy Security Camera cameras are mounted on a wall and don’t actually do anything. They are simply used to act as a deterrent to possible intruders while also representing an inexpensive option in terms of cost, as it is not connected to any surveillance system.  Prices range from €14.95 to €79.95 for dummy cameras.

Here are some things below to consider when deciding on which CCTV surveillance system to choose:-

1. Map a plan of the room/ area, including all possible camera spots.
How much of the area do you want the camera to cover? A more powerful camera is needed for rooms which need more surveillance. Try to locate your camera as close to the  area you want to monitor first (for example facing the door through which the intruder is likely to enter or facing out from above the safe where the he/she will definitely be rumaging!), then decide on the amount of zoom you need.

3. Resolution:
Would you prefer get an image of a person’s face or a license plate on a car? Factors like these determine the location your security camera will have to be mounted in and the quality of camera you will need to get the desired resolution for your workplace/home.

4 .Vandalism: Is there a good chance that the camera could be damaged by vandals? If so, could it be damaged easily? Vandal resistant cameras are available at a small extra cost then standard cameras, which ensure that your security camera is protected from any environment.

5. Lighting: Is the space well lit or fairly dark? Does an outdoor influence affect the lighting of a room/area? Do you want to monitor the area with the lights turned off? You should decide whether you need a low light or an infared sensor.

6. Covert Cameras: While a CCTV camera or dummy CCTV camera may act as a deterent to burglars, the more obvious they are the more likely the criminal will be to avoid being caught on it either by vandalising the camera or wearing a mask or hoody to avoid detection.  In view of this you could also consider using one or more covert or hidden cameras in strategic places in addition to the ones that can be seen.  Hopefully these hidden cameras will catch the unsuspecting burglar when they have de-hooded under the illusion that they are no longer under survellance!

7. Budget: As with everything in life, the more you spend, the better the system you get.  You should talk to a CCTV camera installer before you rush into buying a cheap camera system on the Internet or in a high street store.  Often times these cheap cameras have poor resolution, poor flexibility and are not built to last.  An experienced CCTV installer should be able to recommend a camera system that is built to last and more importantly that he is familar with and is able to set up quickly and easily.  A low cost camera is better than no camera but try and get the best system that you can afford.


The usual rules apply with selecting an security camera installer for the job, make sure to get references, insurance details and any other information that you need to make sure that you are totally happy with the alarm installer that you choose.  And yes make sure they are PSA licensed installers.  Getting advice and quotes from a number of security camera installers ensures that you get the most information to make an informed choice. Always check whether the prices are inclusive or exclusive of VAT and get a written quotation before you agree to a price.

I hope this helps some of you who are looking at improving the standard of security for your home or office and if you decide to go ahead with installing a security camera system don’t forget that to get up to 4 security camera quotes fast from rated CCTV installers click here!  If you have a tip or a suggestion to share on choosing a security camera system please feel free to share it with us below.


Oliver Dempsey,

2nd February 2013

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