Creating Student Spaces

Most Junior and Leaving Certificate students will have just sat their Mock exams, or will be taking them after the half term break. As it edges closer to the real exams, it’s really important that they have a place to study, a space that feels conducive to learning, a room that doesn’t have distractions, is comfortable, and of course, is calming. So how do you achieve all that?

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Selling Your House? Read Our Tips First

Apparently most house buyers decide to start looking for a new home in February. The January blues are over, people have recovered from Christmas and the days are starting to lengthen. Many will be planning on moving during the summer so that gives them a few months to find their ideal home, arrange finance and surveys, get a buyer for their own home if necessary, and move in to their new abode.


If you are thinking of moving home and selling your house, here’s our tips for what you should do before you invite the estate agents around:

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What We Can Learn From Home Improvement TV Shows

Room to Improve is back on our TV screens every Sunday night. Now in its tenth series, it certainly has seen a number of changes over the years as Ireland went from boom to bust and back out again. Room to Improve doesn’t provide a quick makeover whereby single rooms are transformed by a team of people working frantically to get it done inside the deadline of a couple of days. Dermot Bannon transforms whole houses and it’s hugely interesting to see how a house can look so different, both inside and outside, when it is completed.

Programme 1: A renovation and extension in Malahide


Each programme follows a similar pattern. We travel with Dermot as he goes to meet the homeowners, as if he is seeing it for the first time too. Ideas, concepts, wish lists and budgets are discussed. As the work gets underway, conflict always crops up. The budget either has to be increased, or something highly desirable needs to be removed from the wish list. Alternatively, the home owners do something that Dermot isn’t happy with or he does something that the home owners hate. By the end of the programme though, tempers are resolved and it’s best friends all around. The home owners may have spent more but they love every inch of their new home, and Dermot is happy too.


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Results and Video of our January Draw 2017 monthly draw

Hi folks,

here are the results and video of our January Draw 2017. Each month we have a draw for everyone who hires a tradesman and provides feedback. So not only do you get up to 4 quotes from Rated Tradesmen but you also are in with a chance to win a cash prize as well!

The draw for everyone who hired a tradesman and provided feedback in the month of December was held on January 27th. The results are as follows:-

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One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure: Salvaging and Upcycling

There’s something very special about seeing salvaged or upcycled pieces in the home. Not only does the item have a new lease of life but it is often being used in a different way to which it was first intended. These pieces give homes personality and interest. In this post I’m going to share a few of my favourite Pinterest salvaged or upcycled finds, ending with some top tips on how to upcycle your own pieces.


While the evenings are dark, clear out some space in the garage, shed or a not-used-much room and experiment with a small piece first, such as a wooden chair or a picture frame.

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Plumbing Price Survey

plumbing price survey

Hi folks,
recently we carried out a plumbing price survey. We asked some plumbers on our website to what they charge for a callout fee and what is their hourly rate. Here is a selection of the replies we got below:-

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8 Bathroom Planning Tips

Have you been hearing and seeing advertisements for great bathroom bargains in the recent sales? 50% offers off tiles and sanitary ware? I have and if you’re thinking this is the time to get a new bathroom, here’s some tips to help you ensure you get it right.

1. Bath or Shower or Both?

Showers are so much more convenient, they’re faster and unless you spend ages having one, they use less water too. Baths are perfect for relaxation though. We have two quite small bathrooms and redid both in the last two years. The family bathroom has a large shower cubicle so it feels nice and spacious, the ensuite has a bath. The bath isn’t used very often but is essential for an occasional relaxing soak that feels luxurious somehow.


If you’re short on space, putting the shower head over the bath is a popular option and means both facilities are available.

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Marcella Moore Video Testimonial

Hi folks,
here is a video testimonial we received a while ago from Marcella Moore, Balinteer, Dublin 16. Marcella posted a job on and was very happy with the result. You can see the video feedback below:-


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How To Choose The Right Paint Colour

how-to-choose-the-right-paint-colourDo you find that once the Christmas decorations come down on or before 6th January that you start thinking about redecorating? Maybe it’s because the rooms look a bit bare when the decorations are taken down? Or maybe it’s because the truth is that some of the walls are starting to look a little shabby or in need of brightening up.

The hardest part (yes, even more tiresome than moving furniture, covering the flooring with dust sheets and preparing the walls) is often the choosing of the paint colour. Choosing a colour from the myriad of small differently coloured rectangles on a paint chart can be mind boggling at times, and that’s even before you look at the names and wonder which ones even sound the nicest. Choosing the paint colour is a big deal as the surfaces to be painted, i.e. the walls, are so large so they have plenty of impact. However, if you do get it wrong, at least it’s not the most expensive mistake you could make but these tips will help you to consider and avoid any potential errors.

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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2016
Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year, let’s continue to keep tradesmen working and customers happy in 2017!

Our office will be closed for the Christmas break until Wednesday 4th of January but you can post jobs throughout the holidays on
our website at and they will be sent out every day except Sundays. Email and text messages will be checked regularly throughout the Holidays.

With Best Wishes,

From all the gang at!:)
1st January 2017

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