Bathroom Renovation Cost Survey 2021

bathroom renovation cost survey

Hi folks,
recently we carried out a quick survey of bathroom renovation costs from tradesmen listed on our site.   We asked them how much it would cost to renvovate a 30sq m bathroom (tiling, plumbing and electrics).  We also asked if there were any tips they could give to get the best job done.

Here is a sample of the replies we received below:-

Shaun from Limerick: Standard bathroom remove old bathroom and tiles.  Make good walls usually fit water proof boards if needed arrange plumbing tile and bathroom fit out 3500 labour

Christy from Dublin: Your standard bathroom fit out is normally around EUR3500/4000. The best tip is try to get to know the person who is doing the job and try to get a look at some of the other jobs that they have done and make sure that they stick to the price they gave for the work

Alan from Dublin: On 30m square for labour with basic materials would be €9500 and the labour out of that would be €6500. I have done jobs where the client is trying to save money by supplying materials and bringing in different trades but it doesn’t work out as no one is looking after the job if the plumber leaves a leak and the tiler wants to tile the electrician doesn’t show and the plasterer can’t slab. The best way to get a bathroom done is to get a company that is set up for bathrooms and that way there would one head man looking after the trades all the trades men work for one company and know what way to leave work for the next trade coming in. As I said trying to bring in different trades by a client just ends in a mess most of the time.

Ben from Kildare: Demolition works Skip hire €400 per skip.  Floor tile removal including all adhesives and strips etc €30 per m2.  Removal of WC vanity unit shower an basis €150 per day; €50 euro per item.  Wall tiles – €25 per m2 including all associated fixings.  Tiling 30m2 Floor tiles – Dayworks €150-€200 per day x2 days Alternatively between €8-€12 per m2 install.   Plumbing assumed 1nr. WC install €80 including waste and water connection fittings and all associated works. 1nr WHB install €95, including NRV x 2 install all traps and fittings.   Shower install (electric) €110 including plumbing fittings.  Base install €120.  Screens and Mirrors €60 per item

In my experience bathroom fit outs normally cost circa €1200 for all items if the client supplies the materials. These costs are liable to fluctuate depending on specifics and the clients needs and requirements.   My advice to customers thinking of employing a contractor would be to educate themselves about the job and its requirements.  Ask the contractor for a specific quote in writing and make them define the scope of works to a cost. Scrutinize the quotation if necessary and compare multiple contractors to ensure you are getting value for money. The cheapest isn’t always the best.  Never pay large costs upfront.  Pay only for materials which are installed or onsite with a clear installation process in the near future.

Paul and Gerard from Dublin:  Our price start from €3500+vat labour only. Only tip is to rip fully out and start with a blank canvas. Otherwise it can lead to potential issues further down the line.

Ronan from Wexford:  It would be about 3000 labour. As regards tips a better description of jobs on the job post would be better, if customers can include sizes etc.

Esad from Dublin:  You’re looking at 2,800 for bathroom renovation labour only if we include tiles and sanitary tanking few small bits you’re looking at 5,500. This is kind of standard bathroom semi d house.

Donal from Dublin: Bathroom’s may vary with quality of material being installed and the difficulty level of installation. Carpenters fee’s range from €750 to €1200. Plumbers fee’s can range from €900 to €1500. Plastering would cost around €300 and tiling can range from €25sqm to €40sqm. Electrical would be around €300 also and there could be a labourer cost of around €500.

Darren from Dublin:  Labour €4000.00. Tips strip bathroom back to the brick walls and stud walls.  Fit 50mm insulation board to all external walls.  Fit new moisture board around shower and bath area.  Strip floor to floor boards and fit new 6mm tile backer board.  Fit automatic humidity fan.  €2000.00 for the above labour and supply. €6000 to €8000 for a professional job customer supplies tiles fitting and fixtures.

Kiran from Wexford:  That would really depend on how much the customer wanted, I’d say roughly around 4 grand, again the tiler plumber and Sparks are paid, if it is just a rip out and replace it could be two grand, depends on the requirements of the client..

Noel from Kildare:  Bathroom renovation labour and materials EUR8500 inc vat. Allowing EUR3500 inc vat for bathroom ware and tiles.

Stephen from Meath:  I renovated a bathroom recently for a customer (7m2 floor area) to disabled specifications.   It was completed to a high standard and included widening the bathroom door.   Total labour cost for this job came to €5800.  30m2 floor area is a big space.  Regarding tips for customers I would say be decisive in what you want and communicate it well to the tradesman.

Martin from Dublin:  For doing a bathroom for tiling it would be about €1000-1500 depending on the size of tiles the labour and materials to put cement boards on the walls and tank them could be another €1000-1500. That would include removing the waste into a skip and taking the old tiles off and any prep needed. Plumbing the bathroom would be about the same €1000-1500 with everything staying in the same position roughly then there is your shower tray and shower to buy plus screen, toilet and wash hand basin plus your tiles and adhesive.

Anthony from Dublin:  3000 labour only. Tips: Make sure the builder supply qualified trades men to carry out the work and not handy men and it should go fine


I hope this helps some of you who are planning to renovate your bathroom and if you decide to go ahead with it you can get a number of bathroom renovation quotes here .  To subscribe to our blog and be notified each time we publish an article, click here

Oliver Dempsey
13 March 2021

General Tips for hiring a tradesman

Here are some tips to consider when hiring a tradesman:-

1. Ask for phone numbers of references so that you can check them out

2. Check insurance of the tradesman where insurance is required

3. Hire a suitably qualified architect, building surveyor or building engineer if the job is anything to do with a new build, building renovation or extension

4. Agree on some sort of stage payments for the job. Remember that full payment should not be made until the job is complete and has been inspected by you, and if necessary by a certifier.

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  • Brian H

    What about labout for an en suite? We’ve recently been quoted €19500 for main and an ensuit bathroom refit the ensuit is only 1k less than the main with labour costing 3-4k for each one, the total cost is also everything supplied and fitted. Is this just ridiculous or am I really ignorant to todays costs???