Alternative / Additional Christmas Trees

8 Alternative Christmas Tree IdeasI’ve noticed a growth in the popularity of Christmas trees this year. Many people are putting up two trees: the artificial one they put up every year and a real tree. There’s also been a move towards Christmas trees with a difference too, many of which are wall hung so don’t take up any floor space. If you’re looking for ideas for an additional Christmas tree, do read on.

1. Wall Felt Christmas Tree

If you have young children, particularly if they are fascinated with moving decorations around on the main tree, this felt Christmas tree could be the answer. They can move the decorations around to their heart’s content.

Felt Christmas Tree

Even better, it can all be folded and put away in a box till the following year. It doesn’t take up much space or drop any spiky needles either!

2. Pallet Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Pallet

Initially I thought the Christmas tree had been cut from the pallet but when I looked a second time, I saw that the white paint created the illusion of the tree, aided by the placement of the Christmas decorations. A fun project for the children too.

pallet Xmas tree 2

This wooden Christmas tree is using wood from a pallet, cut into a tree shape. It has a charming homespun vibe to it too, perfect for a Christmas filled with nostalgia and hygge.

3. Ladder of Organised Chaos

Ladder Christmas Tree

All you need for this Christmas tree is an old wooden ladder (lots of character) and oversized baubles and coloured string. The bigger the baubles the better for more effect.

4. Wall Twig Christmas Tree

Wall mounted twig Christmas tree

All you need for this Christmas tree are a bare wall, twigs of differing lengths, string, Christmas lights and some simple decorations. It creates quite a statement with its simplicity.

5. Books for Christmas

books Christmas tree

Perfect for book lovers – arrange books into a Christmas tree shape, drape them with lights and it’s as simple as that. Until, of course, you discover that the book you really want to reread is right in the middle of your tree!

6. Christmas Decoration Tree

Christmas decoraration tree

Create a mini tree by hanging some decorations on the wall in the shape of the tree. If you are using small decorations, they should only require pins or a tiny amount of blue-tack to keep them in place.

7. Bare Branches Christmas Tree

Branches Christmas Tree

Stand bare branches in a pot (spray them beforehand if you wish to go for a particular colour theme) and weight it down by putting sand in the pot. Hang a substantial number of baubles from the branches for maximum effect. However, do use baubles that are quite light or they will weigh the branches down after a couple of days.

8. Hanging Christmas Tree

Hanging Christmas Tree

Run out of floor space? Hang a twiggy branch from a ceiling light (this would be effective hanging from a light over the Christmas dining table) and decorate with eye-catching decorations.

We hope these have given you some ideas for adding more flair, colour and variety to your Christmas decorating. We thank you for your support during the year and wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best over the festive period.

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